A Whole Year Of Sibling Photos

Last year I decided to join in with a bunch of other bloggers, in taking at least one really nice photo of our kids each month.  The boys are running crazy or doing their own thing so often that it’s hard to get a nice one of them together.  They are also at an age now where they hate to stand still for photos, so one a month is quite enough.  I love being able to see how they’ve both changed!













Living Arrows 9/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran

Ollie  //  Poor biggest son… when I picked him up from school today, he walked out of the doors and there were tears running down his cheeks.  I asked him what on earth was wrong and he told me he had a sore head and was very tired.  This is so out of character for Ollie… he normally storms out of those doors full of beans.  It was also raining a ton, and it is always such a rush for the bus and I knew Ollie wasn’t up to running the whole way there, so we took a taxi home instead.  He went to school in his pyjamas because it is World Book Day and he went dressed as the boy from The Polar Express… his favourite book.  He was able to come inside and get straight into bed.  I made him hot Ribena and he read books and watched Phineas and Ferb.

Nate  //  I think Nate was confused that we had suddenly jumped into a taxi.  We have our routine that is collecting Ollie, rushing for the bus, making the bus and having some sweets as our treat for getting there on time.  None of that happened and he was so amused to see Ollie climb straight into bed, that he followed him in once I took his rain soaked trousers off.  He read books and watched some Phineas and Ferb too.  He also had hot Ribena, but spilled it over the bed so it got confiscated.  He was so sweet to Ollie, who rolled over and closed his eyes for a while.  He knew Ollie was not well, so stroked his head and snuggled up against him.

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How We Celebrated Valentine’s Day 2014 (in pictures)

I’m not all that soppy and James isn’t all that romantic… at least not stereotypically… but when Valentine’s Day comes around I like to make a point of letting the 3 main men in my life know that I love them very much.

Ollie went off to school with a new red tshirt on… one that he chose himself in Next.  They had to wear red and take in a donation for charity.  He was so excited to go in with the cards he had made for his friends and his teacher.

While he was at school, I sorted out some treats for the two boys.  I bought them each a magazine, a chocolate cupcake, little heart chocolates, a heart lolly and I made them each a Valentine’s card.  I was so excited to surprise them when Ollie got home from school and Nate woke from his nap.

They LOVED their surprise and Ollie told me I would be his love heart forever.  He also told me that he loved love day.  It was so funny because he kept calling it ‘Fathertimes’ day…

I surprised James with a bottle of red wine and a box of 12 from Doughzy Donuts and we had a lovely steak dinner together once the boys went to bed.  James isn’t big into cards but he wrote me a super romantic email which means a lot to me.  I loved it.  I love having the best 3 guys.

Living Arrows 8/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran

Ollie  //  Today when he came home from school I told him there was to be no iPad!  He has been playing on it a little too much so today we didn’t get it out at all.  It is almost a sure bet that if he isn’t playing the iPad, he will be playing with Lego.  Today he was playing cops and robbers with the figures and two little Lego bikes.  I love listening to him when he plays and the stories he thinks up.  He has SO many ideas in his mind.

Nate  //  Although Nate loves Ollie to pieces, he isn’t clingy towards him and I think he looks forward to those few hours in a day where it is just he and I.  The word ‘mummy’ gets mentioned 100+ times as he brings me all the toys he doesn’t get a chance to play with when Ollie is home… toys that are Ollie’s that he plays with secretly when Ollie is at school.  It’s funny when he brings one to show me… I know that he knows he isn’t supposed to have it, because I can see it in his cheeky face!

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Living Arrows 5/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran

Nate // Wow, what can I say… this little one is growing so much each day and hitting his milestones fast and furiously!  He is full of so much energy and LOVES to make us all laugh.  He is happy and he claps his hands at the slightest thing that has made him pleased.  Today he spent a long time building up his stacking boxes… making sure they were the right way up and clapping for himself when it was done.  He would then stand a few feet back and says “ready, ready, aaaaagh”… and then charged at the tower of boxes.  It was lovely to watch, even Ollie giggled at how funny it was.

Ollie // James was away in London today, and I don’t know if that had something to do with the change in Ollie’s behaviour… not that his behaviour is normally bad… but today he was an absolute angel!  When we got home, he helped me tidy, got a snack for him and Nate and he played with Nate happily while I got dinner started.  He chose a jigsaw to do with Nate and played lego with him too, before playing some Minecraft in the iPad… when he saw dinner was almost ready he set the table for me… I didn’t even ask him to… and when it was bathtime he helped get Nate undressed, which was the funniest thing.  They both thought it was hilarious. He brought pine cones home from school today.  He is really precious and I love how proud he looks when you tell him he has done good.

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Living Arrows 3/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran

Ollie // We took an afternoon walk to the park yesterday afternoon when Ollie came home from school.  It wasn’t so cold as it has been.  The weather has been awful so it felt good to all get out of the house.  Ollie rode his bike the whole way there, he still has training wheels on but is getting a lot more confident with his bike.  At the park, he ‘made friends’ with just about everyone.  I’m so proud of the confidence he has… he just went up to the other kids and joined in.

Nate // Because the weather has been so bad and with various colds and chest infections, Nate and I have been finding ourselves inside a lot, so he was happy to get out and run around.  It was a gorgeous part of the day, sun was just starting to go down and the park wasn’t too busy.  He explored EVERY inch of that park.  He is fearless when it comes to slides etc which I love.  He came home with a cute little red nose.

Also, both boys even sat on the bench so I could get a photo of them together AND they both smiled!

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My Sincerest Apologies…

…go out to the girls of the world who are currently 5 or 6 years old (and under).  I have produced two FINE mini gentlemen and I could probably go on to produce countless more… but have decided against it.  With my own decision, I am sure, comes heartbreak for A LOT of girls out there, because there are only 2 of these particular mini men in existence.

They are incredibly handsome and kind, sensitive too… the eldest holds doors for women, cooks, picks bunches of dandelions and is very affectionate.  The youngest wants to snuggle all day and shares his food!


Sorry again that there are only, and will only ever be 2 of these particular incredible little gents.