That Time Nate Had To Go To Hospital

I think we have had a fair share of hospital trips in the short 6 years of Ollie’s life and 2 years of Nate’s life so far… Ollie had bronchiolitis when he was 6 months, pulled his elbow out of it’s socket 3 times and had an asthma attack… Nate was in once before when he split that tiny bit of skin that connects lip to gum when he tipped the pram.  All in all nothing too serious but nonetheless, hospitals are not a fun place to be.

A couple of weeks ago both boys had chesty coughs… Ollie’s was managed well and was on the way out but Nate’s was getting worse and it was affecting his breathing.  He had been given an antibiotic and a steroid and an inhaler.  The first two weren’t making much of a difference and it was insanely hard to get the inhaler into him.  The little mask thing on it made him petrified… he thought he was suffocating and would go very panicky.

We took him to the Out Of Hours Doctor on Saturday and she checked him over and decided his oxygen sats were a little low so she gave him a nebuliser.  For some reason he had no trouble keeping that on his face.  It helped a little but by Sunday his breathing was bad again.

Sunday happened to be Father’s Day… and we spent the day in A&E.  Poor James haha.  The Doctor checked him over and got some ventolin and steroids into him and sent us home.  Nate was a pickle and chose to take the inhaler perfectly for the nurse but again struggled to take it when we got home… and then he got a temperature.

On Monday we failed to see much improvement.  Nate was sleepy, had a fever and just was not himself so off we went to A&E again.  They were concerned that he had gone downhill since the day before so started nebulisers again and he was diagnosed as having bronchiolitis.  After 3 nebulisers and a dose of steroids they were still struggling to keep his oxygen sats up and his temperature down.  They decided to admit my littlest boy.  Once he got a bed on the children’s ward they scheduled a chest x-ray which came back clear and they kept him on oxygen pretty much the whole night.  I got approx. an hours sleep the whole night because he was nebulised every couple of hours… or would knock the oxygen mask off and suddenly his monitor would beep.  James came back to hospital the next day to let me go home and sleep.

When I got back to the hospital, Nate looked a little brighter and we were hopeful that he was getting better.  We were hopeful we would get to take him back home the next day… but then it went downhill again.

James stayed in hospital that night… and for that he gets mega husband points.  He sent me a message at 11pm to let me know that Nate had to be nebulised again because his sats dipped to very low levels, which meant taking him home the next day was no longer on the cards and we were right back at the start.

I spent another day at the hospital with little Nate… he was in good spirits and wanted to be active and out of his cot, but anytime he did that he would get breathless again.  I’d picked him up a couple of new toys and that cheered him up a little and my mum brought him a portable dvd player so he could watch Bob The Builder in bed.  The biggest upside of having a child in hospital sick is that they want to snuggle a lot.

Nate got a bunch of visitors at hospital that evening but we had to greet them all in the canteen because only parents are allowed in the children’s ward.  His Uncle Ryan and Ryan’s girlfriend Laura, his Nanny and his Grandma and James and Ollie.  He was full of beans and so happy to see everyone.  James stayed another night and I went home and spent some time with Ryan and Laura.

I woke to wonderful news on Thursday morning… Nate didn’t need nebulised at all and his sats stayed up all night.  We spent the morning waiting for the Doctor to come round.  She decided to keep him on Ventolin syrup because it was proving too difficult to get him to take the inhaler. We were so relieved by this.  By 2pm we were home and Nate was settled and snuggled up in bed.

A fortnight on and Nate is back to his happy and healthy self.  Apparently this isn’t a symptom of him having asthma… this could just be a one off… viral… and I hope this is the case.  I have bad asthma and I would hate for him to have the same as me.

Chicken Pox-plosion

I know that it’s been a little quiet around here recently.  That is because we’ve have the pleasure of finding out what it’s like for an almost 6 year old and a 2 year old to get chicken pox together.

Our chicken pox story began last Monday, when Ollie came home from school with a spot.  Just one.  He is prone to the odd bout of hives etc when he gets too warm so I thought nothing of it.  Roll on Tuesday morning when I ask him to take his pyjamas off to get ready for school.  SPOTS!  LOTS!  Within ten minutes the number of spots had almost doubled… it was insanely quick and they weren’t just spots but blisters too.  I told him then that he wouldn’t be going to school and that in fact, he would be off for the whole week!  He thought this was brilliant!

Knowing what to expect, I thought it best we stock up on supplies so we went to the chemist to get a calamine cream and an antihistamine… we also got some treats.

Day two started with about a gazillion more spots… not exaggerating.  They were on his face, between his toes, his groin, his belly and his back and through his hair.  He is an age where it’s easier to explain what will help and for him to know now to scratch so much, but I know that whatever age someone is, a bad itch is bad!

Ollie had a friend come over to play on Tuesday… it was good to have someone come and take his mind off the itching… and funny that the person who was able to come and play was also the person that gave him the chicken pox!  They played outside for a while and this kept him cool and distracted.  While his friend was here, we noticed that Nate’s groin area just under his nappy had come out in a few blisters… I knew it wasn’t a rash because it wasn’t super red… just blistered.

Roll on a few more days and we are at Sunday… chicken pox day 7 for Ollie and day 6 for Nate…

Ollie is able to return to school tomorrow because his have crusted over now.  He hasn’t needed an anti-histamine for a few days now and his sleep hasn’t been entirely broken.  His spots aren’t so bad and I think they will clear up just fine.  I’m so proud of how he dealt with the last week… it hasn’t been easy.  It’s been uncomfortable and kind of boring for him and he missed his school friends, but he has been a trooper.

Nate’s dose of chicken pox came on a lot worse than Ollie’s did and I don’t know if that has anything to do with age or overall health or anything… but if I had to sum it up in one word, Nate’s has been horrendous.  His entire nappy area broke out in too many blisters to count. Proper liquid filled blisters in his creases… all over his butt, his unmentionables… the poor thing really suffered.  He had a bad dose of them on his back and belly and all over his fair and head, but none of those even bothered him.  The ones in his nappy were unimaginable and they got so bad that we took him to the Dr. because they didn’t seem to be getting any better.  A few more creams to try and today they seem to finally be on the way out… although he is still walking like a sumo wrestler.  We haven’t slept properly in 4 nights because he has been so upset and hasn’t know what to do with himself.  I am daydreaming of a night with 7 hours unbroken sleep!!

Since Wednesday, my littlest dude hasn’t had a nappy one except for portions of the night and today when we went out for a couple of hours.  We have been unexpectedly potty training and for something so unplanned, I can’t believe how well it is going.  He tells me when he wants to go to the toilet or use the potty and at times has gone to get the potty himself.  I think we are going to continue because if he can grasp it so well with all THIS going on, then I figure he will get the hang of it really quick when things settle down.  I bought him big boy underwear today and he is excited.

So… things I learnt from this experience…

1. Oat baths work, but are weird…
2. Bicarbonate of soda baths are also excellent.
3. Sleep is for the weak… and I can manage on just 4 hours worth!
4. You can’t tell a 2 year old not to scratch.
5. Mummy cuddles can make everything ok, for a few minutes.

Hopefully now that they have both had it once, they don’t get it again.

Living Arrows 1/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran

I was getting a bit lax with my camera towards the end of 2013 and I need to get it out more and so I was excited to see that I heart Snapping was hosting a photo a week series and decided I would join in.  I love the passage by Kahlil Gibran, from which the Living Arrows series is inspired.  I quoted just one line of it, but the whole passage is so lovely and really sums up parenthood.

Nate // This little guy is not well today.  He woke up and within minutes he was crying inconsolably.  He ate some breakfast and then came and sat on my knee as we snuggled in the living room in front of the tv.  Then he puked.  A LOT.  It’s a blankets and sofa kind of day for my littlest dude now.

Ollie // When Ollie got home from school I didn’t have just one sicky boy…. I had two.   It was Ollie’s first day back at school today, but on coming home, his cough and breathing were so bad we took him to the Dr.  He has a chest infection.  He climbed onto the sofa when we got home, cuddled in a blanket and began to play Minecraft.

Mummies don’t get sick days…

…isn’t that rubbish?  I suppose it’s one of the things we don’t think about when we are trying to get pregnant/ are pregnant.  We don’t consider the fact that, if we get unwell, we can’t have the normal duvet day as we could pre-pregnancy.  For the most part, if we are unwell, we have to get up and struggle on.  Women (or stay at home dads!) have had to do it for years and years.

I’m shockingly awful when I’m unwell.  I go into a little pit of despair and whinge and moan and feel sorry for myself.  I find it hard to just get up and go when I’m not well.  It was easy when Nate was a newborn and Ollie was at school… but now I’ve a crawler on my hands, there is no rest in a day unless he naps!

This time though, I don’t have to get up and carry on… my amazing husband has swapped his work days so he can look after Nate, me and Ollie (when he is home from school), but he has to work tomorrow… a Saturday.  I’ve spent the whole night last night, vomiting.  Struck down by extremenausea… the kind where you can only sit still and try and breathe just right in the hopes of calming it.

I’m sure I have a phobia of vomiting… on top of the actual sickness, there is my worry and anxiety that I might throw up again and I’m sure that doesn’t make it any better!  It terrifies me!

My husband is kind of awesome for letting me recover today and putting his work off until tomorrow.  I know how busy he is right now.  He is amazing sometimes and I feel super lucky.

A bit of a catch up!

Ollie and I are sick….. AGAIN!  We both have chest infections.  My ribs, back, stomach and neck are all sooooore from coughing so much.  Please keep your fingers crossed that we recover soon and stay well!  We have had recurrent sickness in this household for about 3 months!  It would be nice to get a couple of months in where no-one got sick!

Our little man turns 3 in about 2 weeks time!  Crazy!  We are having a Mickey Mouse themed party here at the house and he wants me to make him a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake!  I’ll try my best!  We have bought him his very first bike for his birthday and also some Lego and a Mickey Mouse Play Tent.  I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he wants to go to feed the ducks and then to the Transport museum to see the trains.  We will be doing that on the Saturday and having his party on the Sunday.

The last weekend in April, I became Godmother to an amazing/ gorgeous little boy called Leo.  He is the son of a very dear/ very old (I’ve known her for 13 years!) friend and I was pleased as punch that she asked me to play that role in his life.  I couldn’t ask for a lovelier Godson!  The ceremony was in England, so I went away for the weekend to England all by myself leaving James and Ollie here on their own!  It all went well!

Ollie tells me cute things these days like “I’m happy you’re here mummy” and James worked so hard in the past year that his work saw fit to give him a payrise…. Yay to hardworking husbands!

AND…. we got a dog.  I will devote a post entirely to her!

A poorly boy…


Little man became unwell today after we left toddler group.  We were on our way home and we had stopped at a shop to pick up something nice for lunch.  All of sudden I heard Ollie shriek from his pram “the juice is all over the pram mummy” and when I turned to look he had vomited all over the pram, his clothes and the shop floor.  Poor wee thing.

We came home and he was sick again, and again, I gave him a bath in which he was sick, and again.  He was being sick about every 20-30 minutes and we got through all the blankets and pjs in the house!
He was going through phases of being quite perky and then phases of being drowsy and sad.

Ollie has NEVER had a vomiting bug… in his almost 3 years of existence, so this is new to us!  It is so sad hearing him wretch and have nothing come up and it’s making his little tummy sore.

The Dr. said it is gastroenteritis and it should ease up for him tomorrow at some point.  I hope so.  He has fallen asleep on the sofa and I hope he gets a good and restful sleep tonight (it’s 7.45pm here)…as today has been horrid for him.

And here is hoping that neither James or I get it too!