Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas this year went by in the blink of an eye!  It is shocking really, how long it takes for the day to come around…time just drags for the month of December… and then when it does… ZAP… gone.

This year was great… as every year is and it all started on Christmas Eve, which by tradition, we spend at my mum and Harry’s house.  This year we went over at about 3.30pm after collecting my brother and this year Marcie came too.  Much to Ollie’s surprise, Elfie Glitterbutt also snuck into the car and appeared on Grandma’s bookshelf!

Mum had lovingly prepared her special recipe Parsnip soup and we devoured that along with yummy garlic bread and cheese straws that James made.  Everyone appreciated the warm bowl of yum to fill tums and warm us all up.

After we finished our soup we headed into the living room to relax together.  Mum got a couple of new DVDs so we put on The Velveteen Rabbit… who knew it was going to be so sad (but happyish… but sad)?  Anyway, in the middle of the movie Ollie got a phone call from Santa Clause.  He is super lucky and Santa calls him every Christmas.

ALSO, during the movie we went outside and saw the International Space Station cross in the sky above.  Such a special event… I heard on the news that it would be clear in the sky at approx 6pm and I nearly forgot.  I called Ollie out and asked him “Who is that?” and pointed.  He replied “Jesus?” and then when I told him no…. and asked who would be coming tonight he exclaimed “SANTA”!  Thereafter we had a very excited child.

My mum then brought out marshmallows for us to toast at the fire.  This is the first year that Ollie has been able to toast them himself.  Delicious.

We soon noticed a pile of presents beside the front door and a note left by Elfie, telling us that he would be going home with Santa tonight, that both boys made it onto the NICE list and to enjoy the parcels he left behind.  As per tradition, the parcels contained new pyjamas for all of us! Yay!  We got the boys changed.

Before going home, mum read The Night Before Christmas to the boys and they sat silently listening… getting tired.  We then tucked them up in the car and drove home. By the time we arrived home, Ollie was fast asleep and didn’t want to do anything but go to bed.  I had to do Santa’s snack plate myself, not to mention the needful sprinkling of reindeer food on the path outside the house.

James and I relaxed with the TV and a cheeseboard and waited until we were certain that the boys were asleep before filling their sacks.  These sacks were then rested agains the end of the bed ready for the boys in the morning.  

My 29th Birthday!

So next year is the big one!  I want to have a big party!!  But this year, we just had a relaxed, family day and it was lovely!

I had already had some money for my birthday, which I spent on a ton of clothes that I got half price in the sale.  I also got sandals and a new bag!  So on my actual birthday day, James and the boys surprised me with more presents!  James knows me so well and got me perfect gifts.  Ollie bought me 3 stacking rings… he has been saying for some time now that he wants to buy me diamonds and on my birthday he came through! haha!

James also got me the Keri Smith Wreck This Journal, which I have wanted for AGES… along with Photos That Changed The World… which is great, and a 5 minute origami set!  He also bought a TON of special chocolate from Hotel Chocolat and a few treats from Lush.  That husband of mine is pretty awesome at presents!

After I opened my gifts, James went downstairs to make breakfast.  It is kind of tradition now that on any special occasion, he makes french toast with crispy bacon and maple syrup.  There is no point in anyone even trying to replicate it, it just isn’t as good haha!  The boys loved it too.  Me and Nate took a nap while James took Ollie to his swimming lesson.

We got up and dressed to go out for the afternoon.  We headed to one of our favourite restuarants, Il Pirata.  The food is always great, it’s nice inside and the boys like it too.  The boys each had a pizetta, we all shared whitebait and James and I both had pasta (he had fennel sausage and I had chilli prawns).  I also had the chocolate and hazelnut cake for desert.  It’s AMAZING.

When lunch was finished we headed to Stormont for a walk and a play in the park.  I sent Ollie off running to the steps of Stormont and told him I would give him a tenner if he made it.  He had no idea I was joking and James had to run after him to get him to stop.  I gave him some money anyway for his effort.  The park at Stormont is huge and has enough for each of the boys to keep occupied for a good hour and a half!

When we got home, we relaxed and had cake.  A cake that James made… and the most randomly shaped cake I’ve ever seen.  It was chocolate fudge and it was delicious.  A friend called over when we had just finished cake, and brought a big bunch of pink roses with her.  I’m very lucky to have my lovely wee family and friends who made my day very special.

Christmas Day 2010!

We had an awesome Christmas day!  Each year gets more and more exciting the older that Ollie gets!  He is so much more aware of everything!  When he awoke in the morning he was a little upset as his cough was giving him a bit of trouble, but when I reminded him that Santa had been and would he like to bring his sack into mummy and daddy’s bed to look and see what was inside, he soon perked up!  My mum got him this super cute personalised sack 🙂

Santa got him this car mat for only £2.50 in Tesco and it came with 2 cars.  It turned out to be one of his favourite presents hehe!

He was so excited when he found that Santa brought him Spencer, one of the trains in the Thomas Take Along range.  He had been asking for it for months…. and was told Santa would bring it if he was a good boy.  He pulled it out of the sack and shouted “It’s SPENCER!”.

He loved everything in his stocking…. in particular he loved his new JCB digger toothbrush!  The toothbrush sits in a little mini digger with wheels that move!  He plays with the digger bit everytime I brush his teeth now!

He came downstairs to find a Playmobil farm set all set up and ready to play, from mummy and daddy.  The farm set came with LOADS of stuff, but as I was setting it up I put some of the tiny things away in storage…. there was far too many things for his age so I’ve hidden them and will give them back when he is a little older (things like cutlery… tiny doormice etc).  He was very taken with the harvester and the cows drinking in their trough… and he also put the farmers wife straight to work filling the dishwasher inside the farmhouse!

He also got some Thomas Take Along train track, some books, a jigsaw and some clothes.

James got me a gorgeous new bag, lush stuff and a David and Goliath tshirt that has 2 cupcakes holding hands with the slogan ‘Sweet lovin’.

Here he is in his Christmas outfit.

It is tradition to visit James parents on Christmas morning and all his family come over.  Ollie charmed everyone until he got overwhelmed with the busyness and started whining.  He got a gorgeous new outfit from Gap and another new outfit consisting of jeans, a top and a hooded sweater-vest!  He enjoyed the bombay mix that was set out!

When we were finished at James’ parents, we went home to cook our Christmas lunch!  It was supposed to be James’ turn this year but he wasn’t feeling too well, so I cooked in the end.  We had ham (Nigella Lawson recipe Coca-Cola ham!!), turkey (Jamie Oliver recipe hehe), roast potatoes,  sprouts fried with bacon and some stuffing (and gravy!).  James said it was one of the best Christmas dinners he had ever had!

Ollie even ate it all too…. and he is pretty fussy at the moment!

My friend Bex, her hubby George and daughter Ivy came over after we had eaten our dinner, to exchange gifts and share festive cheer!  I only got the above picture of Ivy and Ollie together unfortunately…. but nonetheless it is a happy picture of them dancing together.

My mum, stepdad and brother Jason came up in the evening time to bring presents for all of us.  Ollie was so excited to see them and to discover he was getting MORE presents.  How about a new dressing gown, singing and dancing Mickey and a lights and sounds, moving JCB digger!

Ollie settled to bed ok Christmas night… better than I thought he would!  James and I didn’t last long after my mum and everyone left.  I think we ended up in bed at 10.30pm or something lame like that!  Christmas is more exhausting when you have a kid but a million more times as fun!

Happy Christmas Part 3

A couple of miscellaneous bits… before we get onto Christmas day!

Yay! We got snow!  It was so exciting until it started messing up things like the mail (some of James’ presents didn’t arrive until Christmas Eve!) and travel and making us all ill!  Ollie got a throat and ear infection which led to a bad cough which lasted a couple of weeks.  James had a bad chest infection which he took antibiotics for and I just had a bad cold.  One of the good things about the snow was that we got to go sledging for the first time ever.  We tried to buy a sledge but because we rarely get snow here and when we do (especially on this sort of scale!) it causes so much excitement, EVERY shop that sold sledges was sold out.

I got it on ebay in the end…. but until then we made do with a normal dinner tray and a padded changing mat!  Ollie loved it!  I wasn’t sure if he would or not… but he asked to go again and again.  I even had a go, though I was wearing leggings and used the dinner tray which scooped the snow up and made my bum freezing cold/ wet!

After our sledging adventure we came home to hot chocolate and marshmallows with cinnamon on top, courtesy of James (who made it) and my dad (who wrapped it all up beforehand as a family present, but we opened it early hehe).

The new sledge arrived a few days later, but unfortunately Ollie was not well enough to go out again in the snow and by the time he was the snow had melted!!!!

We always spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family, so we normally go for dinner with my brothers, stepdad and my mum.  This year we went to a place called Carlitos and it was amazing.  Ollie, who is the pickiest eater at the moment, even enjoyed his bolognese!  I had an amazing seafood platter… new potatoes, salmon fillet, seabass fillet, calamari rings, mussels and prawns!  Delightful!

When we got home we got a tray ready for Santa.  We asked Ollie if he would like to give Santa a beer or milk or juice and he replied ‘water!’.  He chose everything on the tray himself!  Lucky Santa!

After he was all tucked up in bed I got his Santa stocking and presents all ready.  Here is what Santa brought for him!  There was some Thomas the Tank shower gel, a JCB digger toothbrush….a car mat with some cars, chocolate coins, Smarties, crayons, glitter glue, 2 Thomas the Tank Take Along trains, A Thomas watch with interchangeable faces and Charlie and Lola dominoes!

Next up: Christmas day!

Happy (expectant) mother’s day!

I’m so chuffed. This morning as a mothers day treat James made me french toast, bacon and maple syrup. A combination I had never had before and don’t know why. Please see below picture to see how nice it was. James is the french toast king!

Not only did I have a lovely breakfast in bed but then dad popped round with a lovely body shop gift basket from him and mum. I was spoilt! The gift basket had new body butter which helps in my attempt to stay away from stretch marks. I was so surprised and happy with my treats. Mum wrote me a really lovely card which I will keep forever.