Living Arrows 5 & 6/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”
Kahlil Gibran

Nate //



This little man is a superhero through and through.  Not a single day goes by that we don’t find him in a costume.  Sometimes three, sometimes four and sometimes, like in the photo above, he does a mashup and wears his Batman cape with his Antman costume. His whole persona changes when he is in costume and he is tickled when he gets to wear it out of the house to collect Ollie from school!

Ollie  //



Ollie is devouring books these days at quite a rate!  He loves them and it’s something we are trying hard to foster in him so he gets a good lot of reading time before bed every night.  He had some Amazon vouchers left from Christmas so we went online and he got the next Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book (the 3rd is the one he is on), the 2nd Tom Gates book and the first Percy Jackson book.  He was so excited when they arrived.

Nate  //



Nate got a new Playdoh set this week… Playdoh Pizza and it’s really cool!  It comes with little moulds to make all the toppings (broccoli, mushrooms, olives, bacon, tomatoes, onions etc) and has a squeezy tool to make the cheese and even comes with it’s own little pizza box.  He would play with Playdoh for hours undistracted so we stockpile the tubs when they’re on offer.  Oh and of course, he is in a superhero costume again.

Ollie  //



Ollie’s current school topic is World War Two and he loves it.  He is currently working on a project on it that needs handed in this week and so far he hasn’t complained about this homework at all.  It includes a page each on things like rationing, women in the war, evacuations, shelters and gas masks.  At the end of the project he is including some pages on his own family in the war.  He was lucky enough to interview his great Grandma over skype and ask her questions about when she was evacuated etc and his Grandma was able to fill him in on her side of the family too.  He had relatives who fought, flew bomber planes and who worked in munition factories.  Very cool.

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Siblings (January)



A couple of years ago I made a point of taking a photo of the boys together once a month and I loved the end result… 12 photos at the end of the year but a snapshot into how they’d grown.  I want to do it again this year.  This photo was taken as soon as we got home from the school run.  They’re both tired and Ollie’s trousers are covered in mud, but they came home with a plan of what they’d play together… which rarely happens.

The Me and Mine Project

Living Arrows 3/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran

Nate //



Nate celebrated his birthday yesterday.  I can’t believe he is four now.  It goes so fast, especially when you’ve had your last kid… he’s just not a baby at all anymore.  He had a little party last night with family and a few friends and we got a huge big balloon in the shape of a 4.  He dressed as Captain America for everyone coming over.

Ollie //



Ollie is getting awkward about photos.  Sometimes he is in no mood to have his photo taken and other times, he is in the mood and wants to see every single one.  Today he was relaxing after school with his Ipod, after having cleared some homework out of the way.  The giggles that come from him while he is playing his games are so lovely and he always has something he wants to show us whether it be a funny video or something he has created.

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Living Arrows 2/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran




Nate got a marble run from his Grandpa Crispy for Christmas and although a little fiddly to put together, it has caused much excitement in the house the past couple of days.  I’ve wanted one for him for a while because I knew it would be right up his street and when Grandpa surprised him with it, he didn’t know what to expect from looking at the box.  The built run resulted in squeals of surprise and “oooohs” and also quite a few “where’d the marble go” moments.




Ollie was extremely lucky to receive his first guitar this Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Harry.  The delight on his face when he opened it and realised what it was is hard to put into words.  I wondered if he would keep practicing as we encouraged he should… and promised him that if he could keep practicing himself, we would find him a guitar tutor.  The search is on because he has so far kept his end of the deal and has looked over his beginner guitar book and had a go at the chords, every single day since Christmas!

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Hello 2016!


I LOVE having a brand new year with no mistakes in it yet… a big fat new chance to try and be better and chase your dreams.  I’m enthusiastic to move forward on 2016’s plans and adventures.  Every day I feel like I could do better and be better and so I thought up some things that I’d particularly like to work on this year.


Because I don’t like calling them resolutions.  Resolutions carry with them a lot of pressure to be perfect and a self imposed feeling of failure when/ if we slip up.  A goal is something that is aimed for… so long as I’m trying my best there is nothing to fail at.  Right?

This year I want to work on my photography business.  I want to be a photographer and I want to capture lovely moments.  I have all the gear I need to get started, now I just need the guts and with Nate in nursery school every day, I have no excuse but to get to grips with my gear and get my portfolio in order.  Plus, one of my amazing best friends double dared me to work towards this dream this year.  I don’t bail on a double dare.

I want to say yes more often!  This goal features in my list every single year because it’s important!!  Too often I find myself telling the boys that I’ll be there “in a minute” or that “I’m busy” and “we will do it later” when really, the matter at hand is rarely urgent.  Who knows what opportunities to connect with my amazing boys I am missing by being ‘busy’!  So I’m consciously going to say yes.

I want to spend more time nurturing my best friendships and spend less time worrying about friendships that are broken (that I’ve tried to mend) and friendships that are one-sided.  This year, one-sided friendships have hurt my heart… I’ve spent too much time worrying about things that aren’t my fault.  Time that could have been spent appreciating those that I’m lucky enough to love on and call my besties.

Roller derby, I hope, will feature big this year.  I wanna rock roller derby and I’m going to give it my all, because I’ve already learned so much!  Never before have I loved a sport and here I find myself doing something that, one day, I might actually be really good at!  Roller derby in 2015 brought me amazing new friends and so so much fun and I hope 2016 will be as awesome.

Other goals that need no explanation are to save money, blog consistently (because I sucked at blogging in 2015), become a morning person, drink water, cook more, be more patient and take positive steps in becoming the person I want to be.

2016, I’m ready!