Does This Dog Look Angelic?

Look at that face!  How sweet is Miss Marcie Moo?  What a gorgeous and angelic looking little pup.  You’d be wrong in your thinking if you think she looks as if she could do no wrong.

A few nights ago, I tied 28 chocolate decorations to the tree.  I put them all over, evenly spaced… some obvious, some hidden closer to the inside of the tree… some plain milk chocolate and some filled with caramel.  I was so excited for Ollie and Nate to wake the next day and realise that all those new decorations actually contained something yummy.  My excitement was short lived.

The next day I thought to myself that the tree looked a little bare, so I moved the decorations around a little… a few hours later I noticed again that it looked bare in parts. The next time I went into the room, I saw Marcie on the sofa, nose stuffed right into the tree and she turned around when she heard me…. she was licking her lips.  The little butthead of a dog!

Does she not know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs?? I told her off and put her outside.  I let her know she did something wrong.  Did this stop her from doing it again? Nope.  I caught her doing the same thing 3 times.  Now there are 6 chocolates left on the tree… way up high… neither Marcie or the boys can reach those ones.  SIX.  Out of TWNETY-EIGHT!  The boys maybe have had a couple, I had one… James hasn’t had any…Marcie ummmmm…………………

The Things I’m Afraid Of…

I don’t like to talk about what I am afraid of, because then it gets stuck in my head and I keep going round and round in circles thinking about it.  I’ve thought about it so much on occasion that I’ve become really panicky and nauseous.
I’m afraid of dying.

I hate thinking about it.  It scares the crap out of me.  It’s the whole “What happens?” “How on earth can a person just not BE anymore”… it’s hard to explain.

It’s such an irrational fear… I mean, there is nothing I can do about it!  It’s going to happen of course… it just makes me feel claustrophobic and nauseous and scared.  I do think about it too much.  It crosses my mind almost every day.  I’m pretty sure I am going to need counselling or some sort of therapy eventually to help me calm down and accept it for what it is.  Either that, or as I get older I am hoping the fear will just lessen!

I also have a huge fear of my boys getting sick, like very sick… or something happening to them.  I don’t like to talk about that though.

The only other thing I am REALLY afraid of is spiders.  Always have been.  It wasn’t until we moved into the house we are in now, that I saw the second biggest spider of my life.  Literally inches long and frickin HAIRY.  That’s because we live next to a forest.  I ask James to kill any spiders I see, but he won’t.  He just puts them outside on the lawn….(and of course they just walk back in like they own the place!).  I’m not as bad as I used to be though.  If I see a teeny tiny one I will squash it with my hand etc.  The thought of big ones terrifies me though.

The biggest spider I ever saw was when I was in Virginia, US as an Au Pair.  I was sat on the balcony one night looking out the window when something caught my eye… it was moving.  Upon closer inspection I noticed that it was a MASSIVE spider twisting a baby mouse in it’s web.  Turning it round and around.  The spider was the size of a childs fist.  As soon as I noticed what it was I ran away to throw up.  Bleugh.

We Have Such Bad Luck With Pets…

We had to have Dexter rehomed 😦

We are gutted.

The boys and I are allergic and it didn’t become apparent until recently.  Now that it’s summer he is shedding uncontrollably and all of us have been having problems with our breathing etc (I’m asthmatic and there is a question mark over whether Ollie might also be).

That’s 2 dogs we have had to rehome in the space of a year.

Lola had to go and live elsewhere after Nate arrived because she was so unsettled by his arrival.  She became reclusive and never left her basket, became snappy and started to have accidents 8 or 9 times a day.  She was obviously very unhappy.

Now we are petless.  We have no cute and furry animal to stroke and snuggle and to keep us company.  The house feels so much emptier and it’s very strange.

I have always grown up with dogs so getting a dog was high on my list of priorities when I had a family of my own… now we don’t have any and it’s so strange.

I miss Lola and Dexter.

We found a lovely home for him.  A mummy, daddy and 3 little boys to play with him.  They have a huge back garden and live in a lovely area beside the sea.  I hope he is so happy there.

A fish died. Again.

The oranda died before we even thought of a name for him. I have bad luck with fish huh! He got swim bladder again and I researched it online and apparently it is most common in orandas.

The other 2 fish are fine though. Lively as ever. I have thought of names! The black one I have named Shakira…. because he does a funny thing with his front fins that looks like Shakira’s funny shoulder dance in ‘She Wolf’… the sucker fish is now called Bill (Bill from True blood… vampire… sucker fish… get it?). So Shakira and Bill. I hope they live longer than any previous fish. If I have no luck with fish then I certainly should never ever ever get a dog!

Exciting Day!

Today my mum is taking us out to a really good fish store to buy new fish for Ollie as an early Christmas present. I wonder what type we will get. You have to help me think of names!! I found it hard thinking up the first set, but now have to think up another set!

Since our last fish died, the fish bowl has been in the cupboard under the sink. Ollie has been opening the cupboard, pointing and saying “bish, bish”. It has been breaking my heart.

Happy 1st December!

Happy 1st December, love from Ollie (and me) x

p.s. Both our fish are now dead. I’m feeling better and will be back to posting regularly when I finish tidying my house today 🙂

Busy Busy Busy

In the Hughes household we have been very busy! Were getting ready for Christmas and getting over colds and it looks as though Jack might bite the dust. He has been floating on his side for 2 whole days now and just looks about ready to give up. Fingers crossed he pulls through though!

I did a full scale tidy of the house the other day. I hate putting up a Christmas tree when the house is a dusty mess so the house is now ready for the tree! Were planning to put it up on Saturday. Quite early I know, but we always have it up for the 1st December, but 1st December is a Tuesday.

Ollie has not been so well the past few days. He had a very upset tummy, no appetite and a slight temperature but his mood was good. His nose is so so runny. Poor boy. He seems to be on the mend now though, his appetite is still not great and he is refusing to feed himself after learning how to do it independently.

I hope he is feeling much better for Friday, because he is going to meet Santa for the first time! Our local shopping centre has a Santa that my friend is convinced is the REAL one. I can’t wait to take him. On Saturday my step dad is taking him on the ‘Lapland Express’. A local steam train with Santa aboard.

Last week I recieved a massive bunch of flowers from a group of friends on a forum I go to. They had done a collection after they heard my bad news. Aren’t they gorgeous. I honestly couldn’t have got through the past few weeks without all of their support.

As far as that goes, I am doing ok now. I still am feeling in a bit of a rut, but I’m getting out of it. I’m keeping myself very very busy and on Sunday we had more closure in the form of a negative pregnancy test. I had had 2 faint ones before that, but it’s finally completely over now.

I’m in the middle of working on 2 blog designs and then I will finish with my announcing the new side to my business. I never got around to doing that!