Letter to Littlest


You are FOUR!  Four years ago that you came into the world on a cold, bright morning in such a hurry it took me by surprise… though you’d been keeping me on my toes a good few weeks before that.  After all the weeks of false labour, you’re arrival was so welcome and it was a relief to finally hold my little mischief in my arms.

You’ve been our littlest boy for 4 years now and we are surprised by you every day… by how funny you are, how independent and strong you are and by how much that grin of yours can cheer up a whole house.


You’re developing this insanely wonderful personality.  You’re so caring and kind and you are so generous with cuddles and kisses and words to make someone feel happy.  You’re like sunshine and you’re not a baby any more.  You’re a little boy but growing fast and I’m proud of the big boy you’re turning into.

You are outgoing and friendly… you aren’t afraid to try new things… you’re so willing to help… you are adventurous.


Last September you started at nursery school and that’s where you spend every morning now during the week.  You weren’t nervous to start and you have loved it ever since and you are learning A LOT.  You’ve learnt songs and stories and you’ve made lovely friends.

You adore your brother even though you fight some times.  He tries so hard sometimes to keep his patience and do lovely things with you and you love the attention he gives you and the big boy games he plays with you and on occasion, he reads to you too.  Keep being good friends with big Ollie because you are very important to each other.


Nate, you love to draw and your drawings are all recognisable and so imaginative… you brought home a drawing of a birthday cake the other day and you draw ninjas and superheroes a lot.  Every day, you bring me a drawing.  You also love Playdoh and kinetic sand.  You love Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, Power Rangers and My Little Pony and you know how to use an ipod.  Wrestling with daddy and Ollie is one of your favourite things to do and you also love dressing up.  Today you are dressed as a Ninja complete with sword and throwing stars.


I love being at home to collect you from school and spend time enjoying these things with you.  You’re my heart Nate and we are so proud of you.  We love the bones of you.

Mummy xx

That Time Nate Had To Go To Hospital

I think we have had a fair share of hospital trips in the short 6 years of Ollie’s life and 2 years of Nate’s life so far… Ollie had bronchiolitis when he was 6 months, pulled his elbow out of it’s socket 3 times and had an asthma attack… Nate was in once before when he split that tiny bit of skin that connects lip to gum when he tipped the pram.  All in all nothing too serious but nonetheless, hospitals are not a fun place to be.

A couple of weeks ago both boys had chesty coughs… Ollie’s was managed well and was on the way out but Nate’s was getting worse and it was affecting his breathing.  He had been given an antibiotic and a steroid and an inhaler.  The first two weren’t making much of a difference and it was insanely hard to get the inhaler into him.  The little mask thing on it made him petrified… he thought he was suffocating and would go very panicky.

We took him to the Out Of Hours Doctor on Saturday and she checked him over and decided his oxygen sats were a little low so she gave him a nebuliser.  For some reason he had no trouble keeping that on his face.  It helped a little but by Sunday his breathing was bad again.

Sunday happened to be Father’s Day… and we spent the day in A&E.  Poor James haha.  The Doctor checked him over and got some ventolin and steroids into him and sent us home.  Nate was a pickle and chose to take the inhaler perfectly for the nurse but again struggled to take it when we got home… and then he got a temperature.

On Monday we failed to see much improvement.  Nate was sleepy, had a fever and just was not himself so off we went to A&E again.  They were concerned that he had gone downhill since the day before so started nebulisers again and he was diagnosed as having bronchiolitis.  After 3 nebulisers and a dose of steroids they were still struggling to keep his oxygen sats up and his temperature down.  They decided to admit my littlest boy.  Once he got a bed on the children’s ward they scheduled a chest x-ray which came back clear and they kept him on oxygen pretty much the whole night.  I got approx. an hours sleep the whole night because he was nebulised every couple of hours… or would knock the oxygen mask off and suddenly his monitor would beep.  James came back to hospital the next day to let me go home and sleep.

When I got back to the hospital, Nate looked a little brighter and we were hopeful that he was getting better.  We were hopeful we would get to take him back home the next day… but then it went downhill again.

James stayed in hospital that night… and for that he gets mega husband points.  He sent me a message at 11pm to let me know that Nate had to be nebulised again because his sats dipped to very low levels, which meant taking him home the next day was no longer on the cards and we were right back at the start.

I spent another day at the hospital with little Nate… he was in good spirits and wanted to be active and out of his cot, but anytime he did that he would get breathless again.  I’d picked him up a couple of new toys and that cheered him up a little and my mum brought him a portable dvd player so he could watch Bob The Builder in bed.  The biggest upside of having a child in hospital sick is that they want to snuggle a lot.

Nate got a bunch of visitors at hospital that evening but we had to greet them all in the canteen because only parents are allowed in the children’s ward.  His Uncle Ryan and Ryan’s girlfriend Laura, his Nanny and his Grandma and James and Ollie.  He was full of beans and so happy to see everyone.  James stayed another night and I went home and spent some time with Ryan and Laura.

I woke to wonderful news on Thursday morning… Nate didn’t need nebulised at all and his sats stayed up all night.  We spent the morning waiting for the Doctor to come round.  She decided to keep him on Ventolin syrup because it was proving too difficult to get him to take the inhaler. We were so relieved by this.  By 2pm we were home and Nate was settled and snuggled up in bed.

A fortnight on and Nate is back to his happy and healthy self.  Apparently this isn’t a symptom of him having asthma… this could just be a one off… viral… and I hope this is the case.  I have bad asthma and I would hate for him to have the same as me.

Nate’s Birthday, a Catch Up Post!

So my littlest is no longer super little… he actually turned 2 almost a month ago and it has taken until now to write up the post and share his photos!

My littlest and last, little one, turned 2 on 18th January… bringing about a stark realisation that there are no more babies here… and there never will be.  I miss the baby days for a mere second, before I have to run off and attend to whatever chaos/ mischief my growing boys are getting into… and then I don’t miss the baby days anymore because the boys are both as SUCH fun ages.

This year, his birthday came so fast after Christmas that it pained me to sit and wrap things again haha!  I loved choosing the toys though, each year, toys get more exciting for kids as they get older and this year was no different… I wrapped a Playmobil Recycling Truck, a Bruder tractor, a Magnadoodle and there was also an Imaginext Batcave!

Ollie ‘helped’ him unwrap (and by help, I mean he kind of got stuck in tearing the corners of each parcel haha) and I think it was hard for him to not be the birthday boy while Nate got a ton of gifts.

Luckily it was a Saturday so we were able to hang out all day together.  We got up to some fun!!

We had breakfast together, played with Nate’s toys for a little while and got ourselves ready for the day (dressed the boys in their new tops, Batman for Nate and Minecraft for Ollie.  We decided to go to KFC for a treat lunch because the boys love it and afterwards we headed to Funtastic, a cool soft play place near our house.  It’s relatively new and both boys had an awesome time.

When we got home, I got to work making dinner and a mini cake and also a HUGE cake for Nate’s party the next day.  I actually made the mini cake in error, because I just failed at making the first layer of the cake.  There was just enough to share between the boys and they thought it was cool which is all that matters.

On Sunday, we went to church, leaving James at home to clear up and get some things ready. People started to arrive at 4pm to celebrate my little man’s birthday.  I served up cheese and pineapple sticks, crackers and cheese, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, chips and dip and my mum made her legendary parsnip soup which we served with bread.  Also, the party was rocket themed.

Parties in ones home are so very busy!!  It went so fast and I don’t think I saw much of Nate at all haha.  Everyone had a lot of fun though, Ollie entertained the older guests upstairs in his room and Nate entertained the older guests downstairs by being insanely cute and opening presents!

Our house was literally jam packed.  It is celebrations like this that make me realise just how many people care about us and our little family… and I feel so so lucky!  The moment everyone sings Happy Birthday to my kid… because everyone is there for him, makes me feel like bursting into tears.  So much love.

Still can’t believe littlest is two.  The amount of things he has learnt since his birthday, the rate at which his vocabulary is increasing… crazy!  I am super proud.

Happy Birthday Littlest

My dear, gorgeous and happy little Nate,

Was it really 2 years ago, that daddy and I went to hospital and within 2 hours we were holding you in our arms? It’s hard to believe that 2 years have passed.

You really kept us going for weeks before you arrived.  You even landed me in hospital with pretend labour!  You were a mischief then and you are a mischief still.  I should have realised back then that you were going to be a little whirlwind.  I was the first person to hold you… nobody had even touched you before I held you in my arms. 

Ollie meets you for the first time, a few hours after you were born.

Ollie meets you for the first time, a few hours after you were born.

You have been our littlest boy for 2 years and we are so proud of you.  You’re happy and independent, clever and confident.  You smile, A LOT and your giggle is so wonderful.  You aren’t big or tall for your age but your personality is really something!  You are fearless and friendly.  You make me and daddy and Ollie smile so much and when I think of all you’ve accomplished in your little two years, I can’t believe how much of a blink of an eye the time has been.  Every day I’ve spent with you, I’ve loved.

It was only recently that I realised that you are no longer a baby… you’re not even a toddler.  You are a little boy! Ollie loves having you as his brother and you love having him.  You are best friends but sometimes you get on each others nerves.  But we all bug the people we love right?  How did I get lucky enough to have two perfect, happy, healthy little boys.

You on your first birthday.

You on your first birthday.

You have left behind many of the things that were babyish.  You sit at the table rather than in a highchair, you drink from a cup instead of a beaker or bottle, you sleep in bunk beds with Ollie and your cot is stored away in the spare room.  You still have you dummy though… not sure when we are going to tackle that, we might leave that up to you.  Potty training is next haha!  Maybe in the summer!

Your words are coming along so so well!  You say bye bye in the sweetest voice and the way you say Ollie, makes all of us grin and even if there is a word that you cannot say, you give it a go.  Just today you learnt to say yoghurt (Oger).  You know so many animal noises (miaow is definitely my favourite) and you know where each part of your body is.  Also, you can reach your feet to your mouth and you nibble your toes when I change your nappy because you know it’ll make me laugh.

Your favourite things are ANYTHING with wheels, in particular trains (which you call chooch)… diggers and unlike your brother, you LOVE to snuggle soft toys.  You love lego and playmobil and you really enjoy playing with the toys that are Ollie’s rather than your own toys.  I guess you like the toys that have tiny pieces.  

You, just a couple of weeks before your second birthday.

You, just a couple of weeks before your second birthday.

You are creative, just like Ollie was at your age and you spend a good part of an hour sitting still and painting or drawing or playing with playdoh.  You look more like me than Ollie does… Ollie is the double of daddy but you all have the same hair colour.

Keep being the amazing little boy you are.  You and your brother really are the excitement in our home.  I love you little one.


Big Boy Bedtimes For Nate!

That’s it!  There are no more cots in this house… because there are no more babies, and there will never be again haha!  Nate has moved into the bottom bunk of Ollie’s bed and so far he loves it.  Ollie was so excited on the day that we decided to dismantle the cot and take the plunge with regards to a bed. 

On the first night, Nate took a while to fall asleep… he thought it was hilarious that he could get out of bed to play with his toys… in the PITCH BLACK! 

On the second day, he refused to nap… maybe because his room does not have a black out blind and he could, again, see all his toys and preferred to play. 

This was a blip and eventually it worked itself out.  Nate does now nap in his bed and never gets out at night time.  He seems to sleep better there than he did in his cot and having the cot out of the way has really opened the room!  It seems so much bigger than it was before! and I can’t wait to decorate a little.

He is surely crossing off the milestones… so proud of my littlest chap. 

Things I Miss about Being A Kid

I was always excited to have kids, for a few different reasons… but one of the biggest reasons was because I would get to have fun and join in with the things that my kids would be doing… painting, playing playdoh, running around and dancing crazy!  I miss those days of having no responsibility… where life was simple… but I wouldn’t go back.  My life now is crazy fun and I love it. There are moments in my day though where I think, hmmmm… it’d be sure nice to be able to….. (insert thing, that if I were a kid, I’d be able to do, here) .

The first of those things is nap… whenever and wherever.  Gosh!  Nate has the life of luxury… he can sleep wherever and whenever he would like!  We might be out, going to collect Ollie or we might be at home… either way… he can just fall asleep.  A couple of days ago, I lay with him until he fell asleep and honestly, it took ALL the willpower in my body to get out of that bed and get on with my chores.  Ollie doesn’t often nap, but his perk is having a choice!

I miss the days where my responsibilities were few and far between.  I would wake up and I’d be guided around my day… I’d be told what to do, I could just play… go to school… dinner was cooked for me, someone else would do my laundry!  Oh, so simple!

Thirdly, I miss not being able to eat what I wanted.  I hate watching my weight… and my appetite is larger than what my body appreciates it would seem! Haha!

I miss thinking that the world was a really good place and that people were good too.  I think when I was little, we were a lot more sheltered from the news than kids are nowadays.  Items on the front of newspapers are much more graphic than they were when I was little.  They are a perfect height for little kids to see and Ollie has asked me recently about them.  It’s hard to find a way to tell him what is going on in the world… the bad things… His mind is so full of love and innocence, and I hate to ruin his 5 year old view of the world.

Other things I miss about being a kid are having no financial responsibility!  The bank of mum and dad was pretty awesome… I never worried about where my pocket money might come from!  I miss my imagination back then, I miss Santa Claus, the ease of making new friends, girly sleepovers and being tucked in at night time.  Ah to go back in time… 🙂