My Job!


My choice to become a stay at home mum was super easy!  In fact there was never a question over whether I would stay home or go back to work.  It just happened naturally when Ollie was born, I had to leave my job anyway because we were due to move back to Belfast!

I can’t believe how quickly time as a stay at home mum has flown by.  Here we are 9 years since I left work and I can’t imagine what returning to employment will be like! It’s necessary now rather than optional because I need to be financially independent!  I feel very fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to stay at home with my boys for so long!  It’s always made sense financially but now with them both in school…

I know we aren’t meant to call staying at home a job… but this is by far the best job I’ve ever had and I’ve learnt lots about responsibility, patience, using my imagination and a ton of other skills that might benefit me when I re-enter the workplace.  I’ve loved seeing the boys as much as I have and filling our days with playing, crafts and adventures.

Now with my kids in school, it’s time for me to get my butt into gear regarding my career path.  It’s time.  What will I do??  Who knows!


So…. Roller Derby!

Roller derby came into my life in April of last year and since then a day hasn’t passed where I haven’t thought about my roller derby dreams!  I’ve never been into a sport (EVER) and to be honest, I find exercise boring… so I’ve surprised myself with just how hooked I’ve become on this.


Since April, once a weekend for an hour and a half, we’ve been training really hard.  The first few weekends were spent getting to grips with having wheels on our feet but after week 4 it ramped up and got hard and amazing.  Mondays brought derby legs… a pain I hadn’t felt before but I knew it was good because it meant I’d really tried hard!  I learnt so many skills… crossovers, skating backwards, transitions, jumps and then when summer came we got into full contact and how to give/ take hits etc.

In order to go into the next level of training, everyone needs to pass what is known as a minimum skills assessment.  Minimum skills assessment was in the 3rd week of September and I couldn’t believe it when I found out I had passed (albeit by the skin of my teeth)!!  Pleased doesn’t even come close.  I even got to choose my derby name, Emmageddon with my birthday as my derby number.


Then level 2 started and I learned SO much, SO fast… so fast that some of it escaped me and I’ve found myself in level 2 for a second time.  This is no bad thing, I’m not mentally ready for the intensity that comes with being in advanced, which is what comes next…

It’s intense but I love it and I’ve made AMAZING friends.  There have been ups and downs and two of my closest friends got broken bones in the summer just weeks apart.  One of those friends has launched herself into the league off skates doing Line up (Meryl Screech)… and the other, my derby wife, has been back on skates for a few weeks now (Slammity Jane).  My other friend just made advanced and she is doing AMAZING (Tinkerblaze).


I want to play on a team someday… but I’m taking babysteps right now.  I’m not good under pressure so I’m telling myself that I go each week because I love to skate and someday I’ll hopefully be good enough to make a team and play roller derby like a badass!  I need to grow my confidence first.  I can’t imagine life without roller derby now and I’d encourage everyone to give it a try!


Changing Things Up…


I’ve moved to a new domain.  For several reasons!

I’ve been lagging BADLY on the whole blogging front for a while now with Outmumbered.  I totally lost my mojo and I was starting to feel like the title and overall feel of my blog didn’t suit new things I had to write about.  I felt a little bit pigeon-holed.

Another reason is that I’d like to shift the focus a little from being ONLY about my two amazing little boys, to being a little more about the things I love.  Obviously, I’ll continue to write about the boys…. but making my blog a space for everything and anything rather than writing a ‘mum blog’, gives me a little more post freedom.

In changing the focus a little… I mean to give my boys a little more privacy as they grow older.  I’m very aware that in the early years, my posts are not dissimilar to many other new parents… when the boys were little they would do the same things as other little kids… but as they get older and their individual personalities really shine, I think they need more of a say in what I share online and I need to think more carefully about my posts..

I’ve given thought to this whole blogging thing in the last few weeks… mostly a niggling feeling for having not posted in so long.  What is that about??  Blogging should be fun!  I love writing and I don’t know where the self imposed guilt came from but I am hoping with the new domain and blog name (which by the way… is my roller derby name!!), I can shake it up a little and write to my hearts content without trying to make my posts fit to a certain mum-blog mould!  I was considering dropping my blog… but having kept it up for more than 7 years now, I couldn’t just quit like that.  I love my blog and the important details and memories that I have safe and recorded!

How Thirty Feels

I realise that I haven’t been very consistent with posting on my blog lately.  Life has been quite the whirlwind since September started.  I find myself either insanely business or lacking even a particle of motivation.  Neither of which is conducive to keeping up a blog haha!

Anyway… I’ve been 30 for almost 3 months now and I think back to the start of July when I was apprehensive about turning the big 3-0.  Why was I so worried?

It sounds so clichéd but I literally waited until midnight, while James slept beside me, waiting for the hand to tick over to officially announce that it was my 30th birthday, and the moment it clicked, I felt different.  Yep, it sounds really silly and maybe it is all in my head… but I felt great.

I woke on the morning of the 16th July so ready to start being 30.

In the last 3 months I’ve passed my driving test, started at a yoga class, joined a running club, ran my first 5k, my second 5k and my first 10k, I started my degree course, I let go of grudges and broken friendships and I started paying more attention to my important and existing friendships in my life.  It’s been so good and I hope the rest of my year can go just as well.  I’ve more planned… more goals to reach for and things to keep me busy.  I’m happier and settled in myself, comfortable in my own skin and confident of the wisdom I’ve gained in my 30 years on earth.  30 is actually awesome.

The Best Thing About This Month

So August here is the second month of our 2 month summer break for schools.  It was awesome to have Ollie home but tomorrow he returns to school.

We had a great month actually.  It started with a hike through the Mournes which ended with James and I totally drenched.  The weather was awful!

I passed my driving test!!  Unexpectedly.  I thought for sure that I’d fail for the 4th time but I passed, much to the relief of my husband.  The boys and I went to Scotland with my Mum and stepdad, Harry.  A whole week of exploring Scotland… the scenery was breathtaking and we even got to see dolphins!  Our community policemen visited our house after I sent an email telling them of Ollie’s avid interest in all things policey.  I went to 3 gigs… 1) Twin Atlantic and Biffy Clyro 2) Tom Odell and Kodaline and 3) Bastille and The Killers.  I took part in my first ever 5k which I completed in just over 37 minutes… dang proud of myself for that!!!

I don’t know how next month could possibly top this month, but I’m also looking forward to getting back into routine and things being a little easier before I start my Open University course in October!

My Ten Favourite Foods

This list couldn’t be more easy as I LOVE food!  It won’t take me more than one minute to compile the following list I’m sure! In no particular order:

  1. Prawns
  2. Avocado
  3. Pesto
  4. Indian food
  5. Barbecue ribs
  6. Lobster
  7. Duck
  8. Sushi
  9. Meatloaf
  10. Pasta

I Collect…

I guess I am kind of a hoarder.  I hoard things that are important to me.  I have a couple of boxes in the attic full of tickets from old gigs or trips to the cinema and notes passed in school between me and my friends.  So in terms of what I would consider to be collections… I guess I’ve quite a few going on.

{ONE}  Stationery.  I love stationery of all kinds.  Notebooks, pads of sticky labels, gel pens, stickers, washi tape, cute notecards and postcards.

{TWO}  Magazines.

{THREE}  Pandora beads on my Pandora bracelet.