Letter to Littlest

Nate, You’re 5!!!


Holy moly, how time flies!  It still feels like yesterday that we rushed to the hospital to have you, our little waterbaby.  How have 5 years passed us by?  5 is such a big age and I know you are super excited to be older.  You told me on the morning of your birthday that you felt like you knew more things and that your bones had definitely grown!

You started school this year and you have loved it from day 1.  Always excited to learn new things and see your friends and your confidence is developing at a rapid rate!

You make me and Daddy and Ollie smile every single day and you has so much love for everyone.  You want to see everyone happy and you’ll go out of your way to make it so. You’re caring and kind and your giggle is SO infectious!!  You can bring joy to a houseful of people with just one chuckle and you have an abundance of kisses and cuddles to give.

You and Ollie are closer now than you ever have been especially with shared interests now, which is lovely for me to see.  You play the Xbox together, he lets you take part in the movies he makes, he reads to you sometimes and he loves having you to play with.  The two of you still fight sometimes, but that’s normal isn’t it?  You always make up with a sorry and a hug.  Always always treasure that lovely brother of yours.

You are super creative and you love anything to do with drawing, painting, practicing your writing, playing playdoh, using scissors and glue, you’re like me!  I loved (and still do) all of those things.  You’re drawings are SO SO good and we’ve loved having them stuck on our walls and fridge and wherever they will fit.

You still love Batman, Spiderman and every other superhero you can think of and you know everything there is to know about My Little Pony.  You’ve started playing big boy games like Minecraft and Terraria and you love being able to play these two player with your brother.  When Daddy is here you love boys time with him and Ollie and you have a new found interest in board games.  For Christmas you got a small keyboard and you love putting in piano and dance performances for us all.

You’re favourite foods are sausages, cereal and milk, pancakes, pepperoni pizza and pasta, though you do make a huge effort to try new foods knowing that sometimes you find foods that you like!

I can’t wait to learn more and adventure more with you, my little lovesome.  I love each and every day I get to spend with you and be your mummy… you bring incredible happiness to my life and to our family and I love you millions.


I’ve Been Smiling Recently Because…

♥  I discovered that the movie adaptation of The Girl On The Train, is going to be out towards the end of the year… and not only that but it has Emily Blunt playing the lead! Excited plus plus!!


♥  I became owner of a brand new electric blanket.  It seems I missed the boat on them a lot of years back but this week I took the plunge.  I’m glad I did too… aside from it being the best thing ever, I have a rotten bad cold at the moment and the blanket is helping immeasurably.  Also, getting to snug my boys in a toastie bed… doesn’t get much better than that.

♥  I have a rediscovered obsession with Cadbury’s Picnic bars.  SO much happiness in one little bar.


♥  I’m almost finished watching season 3 of Wentworth!  What an awesome show, I can’t wait until the new season comes out!

♥  I got to dress my two little men up for World Book Day this morning.  Ollie wanted to go as Greg from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Nate wanted to go as Spiderman.  They looked fab!


♥  It’s Friday tomorrow and I have a lovely couple of days planned including cooking a Mother’s Day dinner for my Mum on Saturday night.  This is our tradition every single year and we have dinner and watch a movie together.

♥  I have a stack of new magazines just waiting to be read.  My favourites are Flow, Oh Comely, Frankie and The Simple Things.


♥  I’ve got my salad cravings back, I suppose because we are heading into spring soon.  Nobody craves a salad so much when it’s freezing outside.  Goats cheese is my absolute favourite.

♥  Being unwell and in bed meant I had time to spend filling out my planner and making it look pretty.


♥  I recently invested in a bath tray.  Best purchase of 2016 so far (except for the electric blanket).  How decadent it is to lie in the bath with somewhere to set your wine glass full of Coke, your chocolate and your book.



  1. This book!  It’s hilarious and so honest!  I’ve been trying so hard to read more and I’m really enjoying myself.  I finished a book in January called ‘The Girl On The Train‘ by Paula Hawkins and it was so hard to put down.  This book is very very different but I’ve enjoyed it.  I have my next few books lined up already.


2.  BLTs!  I can’t remember when I last had a BLT but I had one with a friend recently and now I can’t get enough of them.  I like to put red onion and avocado in mine too though… and the bread definitely needs to be toasted first!


3.  Decorating!  Finally got all the bedrooms decorated.  They are all painted shades of grey or white and I’m loving how bright and airy our upstairs now feels.  Both the boys chose elements for their own room and while Nate’s is finished with a superhero theme… we are still figuring out what sort of spin to put on Ollie’s.  We need to by a few bits to adorn his walls but he loves it so far.  I’m so glad my room is no longer the baby blue that used to make it the boys bedroom!


4.  Gigs!!  February is/ has been so gig/ show heavy!  I saw The Bodyguard the first week of the month, Frank Turner the second week, this week I am seeing Gabrielle Aplin and next week we see Foxes!  Gigs are my happy place and I’ve been lucky enough to see Frank Turner twice this month.  He hasn’t played in Ireland for a good 3 years so I took the opportunity to see him the two dates he was playing and I’m so so glad that I did.  He blew me away.  Two solid hours of amazing music and performance.  My dad came with me the second night in Dublin.


5.  Pretty night skies.

2016 Bucket List


♥ Climb a mountain  ♥ Decorate the house  ♥ Skinny dip in the sea  ♥ Camp  ♥ Go to a music festival in the summer  ♥ Get the new tattoos I’ve been dreaming about  ♥ Go on more adventures with the boys  ♥ Read A LOT  ♥ Get invested in my photography and get my business off the ground  ♥ Visit another country  ♥ Do the Colour Run 5k  ♥ Volunteer
♥ Learn a language  ♥ Step outside of my comfort zone and do something cool with my hair ♥ Keep organised and up to date in my planner  ♥ Have early mornings and early nights
♥ Give blood (before I get tattooed)  ♥ Blog more consistently  ♥ Stop overthinking every situation  ♥ Be honest with myself

Shake It Off!

10919268_341657849365808_165253830_nI don’t know what it is that makes the start of the year so hard for me to be motivated… maybe it’s the fact that it is so cold and gloomy here or maybe the Christmas come-down just lingers too long in my head… but I don’t get to feeling real perky about the year ahead until Spring!  Maybe even Easter!  As soon as the weather starts to get better/ warmer and the days start to get longer, my motivation grows and I become super productive, full of new ideas and enthusiasm for the rest of the year.  Is that normal or is it just me?

The end of March is nearly upon us and I can feel myself shaking off the slump that is the first quarter after Christmas!

I’m currently compiling a list of things that make me happy, to help speed up the shake-off phase.  Little things.

So far I have the following:

Compliments when you are least expecting them.
Browsing Pinterest for decor ideas for the boys new rooms.
Sunny mornings.
Driving alone.
Spicy sausage rolls from Attridge and Cole.
Playing board games as a family.
Snuggling with the boys in a blanket while introducing them to movies from my childhood.
Frozen yoghurt with mochi and sprinkles from Spoon Street.
Seeing my amazing friends.


Things I’ve Learned In Life, That They Don’t Teach At School…


There was no ‘marriage teacher’ at school to teach me how to be a good wife and how to be married!  James and I married young… I was only 22 when we got married and again, my pre-marriage notions are hilarious.  Of course, it’s wonderful and lovely… I love being married, but being a grown up is so much harder and complicated than it seemed when I was 17!  We had to learn to fight properly (something we STILL haven’t got the hang of haha!) and learn to always think of the other person… we had to learn how to budget, do chores together…


We weren’t taught about birth at school… I had to learn how to ‘birth’ a baby pretty much by myself haha and boy was it a shock!  I mean, of course we were told how it happens… but those diagrams etc… they are nothing like the real thing.  As soon as I went into labour, both times, it was nothing like I had imagined.

I’ve learned that little boys are the most oddly fascinating little creatures!  They are affectionate, funny and quite absurd!  Raising two boys (thus far) has certainly been the most interesting and amazing part of my life to date.  They are hilarious.  I always imagined having little girls, as I was growing up and it wasn’t until I had Ollie that I realised how wonderful life with boys is.

I also had to learn how to be a parent… nobody taught me that.  I guess I picked things up as I was growing up, babysitting…. having 2 younger brothers and I guess I’ve so far parented by example (my mum is awesome!)… but I think about my pre-baby notions… my wonderings about what life would be like and I laugh at how naive I was!

In the years that I have been married, I have learnt to deal with loss and how to overcome the heartbreak and disappointment that comes with miscarrying… I had to learn how to be strong, patient and KEEP GOING in order to create the family we now have.  Some things take time and  a heart can be broken… but it can be fixed and though the pain is always there somewhat, it dulls.

I’ve learnt that my happiness is my choice.  I’m the only one responsible for me being happy!  It wasn’t until recently that this really clicked for me.  I refuse to let anyone drain me of a good mood!  If I’m not happy with something, then it’s up to me to change it!  Marcus Aurelius said that the happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts and I really believe that.  If you THINK happy, good thoughts… you’ll feel good and be happy too!

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

⭑ My little family (and extended family of course)

⭑ My amazing friends

⭑ Pepsi Max ⭑ Sunshine ⭑ Food (pesto, goats cheese, prawns, roast dinners, sushi)

⭑ Writing my blog

⭑ Surprises!

⭑ Win-win situations

⭑ Learning new things

⭑ Kisses and cuddles