Does This Dog Look Angelic?

Look at that face!  How sweet is Miss Marcie Moo?  What a gorgeous and angelic looking little pup.  You’d be wrong in your thinking if you think she looks as if she could do no wrong.

A few nights ago, I tied 28 chocolate decorations to the tree.  I put them all over, evenly spaced… some obvious, some hidden closer to the inside of the tree… some plain milk chocolate and some filled with caramel.  I was so excited for Ollie and Nate to wake the next day and realise that all those new decorations actually contained something yummy.  My excitement was short lived.

The next day I thought to myself that the tree looked a little bare, so I moved the decorations around a little… a few hours later I noticed again that it looked bare in parts. The next time I went into the room, I saw Marcie on the sofa, nose stuffed right into the tree and she turned around when she heard me…. she was licking her lips.  The little butthead of a dog!

Does she not know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs?? I told her off and put her outside.  I let her know she did something wrong.  Did this stop her from doing it again? Nope.  I caught her doing the same thing 3 times.  Now there are 6 chocolates left on the tree… way up high… neither Marcie or the boys can reach those ones.  SIX.  Out of TWNETY-EIGHT!  The boys maybe have had a couple, I had one… James hasn’t had any…Marcie ummmmm…………………

Do Not Look At This Post If You Dislike Insanely Cute Photos!

OK.  You have been warned.  This post will make me the envy of everyone who reads this blog… because… we may or may not have added the cutest, furry, little pup to our family of 4.  Ok, we totally did.  Introducing Marcie…

Now you’ve looked at this post, you can’t turn away can you!  Like I said, insanely cute.

Marcie is an 11 week old Yorkiepoo…. or Porkie… she is a Yorkshire Terrier/ Poodle cross.  She does not cast hair at all and never will… which is perfect for us as the boys are allergic to dogs that shed hair.  It was one of our main priorities when looking for a pup.

We picked her up a week and a half ago… Ollie was super excited the whole way there.  We got to meet her mum and dad… her mum is a cream poodle, with hair like a shaggy rug and her dad is a tiny little black yorkie.  I wonder what her hair will turn out to look like, because it is already changing and becoming lighter!

She has a little pink bed and a pink cushion that goes into it and she sleeps soundly in the kitchen.  Such a lovely and easy dog so far!  She doesn’t whimper or cry much at night and accidents are few and far between.

We can’t wait to have her vaccinated in the next week, so that we can take her for walks soon!  Ollie is going to love the responsibility especially.

Ollie is so good at looking after her.  He helps me with her a lot!  Nate on the other hand, needs watched closely!  Sometimes he is very gentle and other times he forgets and thinks that Marcie resembles one of his stuffed animals and lifts her up… he needs reminding to be careful!

Marcie has already brought a ton of love to our family and we can’t wait to get to enjoy her more… and Ollie is already planning her 1st birthday (doggy) birthday party.  He has already told the people he knows that own dogs, that they are invited.

We Have Such Bad Luck With Pets…

We had to have Dexter rehomed 😦

We are gutted.

The boys and I are allergic and it didn’t become apparent until recently.  Now that it’s summer he is shedding uncontrollably and all of us have been having problems with our breathing etc (I’m asthmatic and there is a question mark over whether Ollie might also be).

That’s 2 dogs we have had to rehome in the space of a year.

Lola had to go and live elsewhere after Nate arrived because she was so unsettled by his arrival.  She became reclusive and never left her basket, became snappy and started to have accidents 8 or 9 times a day.  She was obviously very unhappy.

Now we are petless.  We have no cute and furry animal to stroke and snuggle and to keep us company.  The house feels so much emptier and it’s very strange.

I have always grown up with dogs so getting a dog was high on my list of priorities when I had a family of my own… now we don’t have any and it’s so strange.

I miss Lola and Dexter.

We found a lovely home for him.  A mummy, daddy and 3 little boys to play with him.  They have a huge back garden and live in a lovely area beside the sea.  I hope he is so happy there.