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A couple of years ago I made a point of taking a photo of the boys together once a month and I loved the end result… 12 photos at the end of the year but a snapshot into how they’d grown.  I want to do it again this year.  This photo was taken as soon as we got home from the school run.  They’re both tired and Ollie’s trousers are covered in mud, but they came home with a plan of what they’d play together… which rarely happens.

The Me and Mine Project

Nate’s Birthday Party!

DSC_1534 I’m so late in getting this posted but I had a lot of trouble with my blog and those loose ends needed tidied up before I posted anything new.  Nate’s birthday was indeed a couple of months ago now and this year we chose to stay at home and have a few people over.  My littlest man hasn’t yet been to nursery school or anything so he hasn’t the same amount of friends to invite to a big party like Ollie does, so a small celebration at home was perfect.

DSC_1523 He dressed up as Hulk to answer the door to our friends and family… the theme was Avengers, so we had avengers table decor and Ollie drew all the characters on the blackboard in the dining room.  I also made a Hulk cake.


Instead of party bags that we normally do, I made up little bags of mixed sweeties and chocolate and tied them with a Hulk label that said “Thanks for coming to my party”.


We got him one of the huge number balloons that are filled with helium and he loved it.  He dragged it about from room to room.

629A8425 629A8435

Most of the friends that came are friends of Ollie’s who, since Nate was born, have taken to him also.  They are all very good with him and include him as much as they can.  We have the same group over for most birthdays and Halloween!


The food we served consisted of sandwiches, pizza, chips, chicken nuggets, tortilla chips and salsa, grapes, cookies, sausages and potato salad and my mum made a huge pot of her amazing pumpkin soup.


I also bought limeade, which Nate called “Hulk juice” because it was bright green and he took to calling the grapes “Hulk grapes” too.


Nate loved the Hulk cake… the second Hulk cake in a week, but by far the easier one because I just iced the cake green and put a Pop Vinyl Hulk on top of it.

629A8469 DSC_1539He opened his presents when everyone went home and he got awesome gifts.  He was given some clothes, puzzles, stickle bricks, building blocks that are blackboard that you can draw on with chalk, a huge toy airplane, a transformer truck, TMNT boxers and a gorgeous Superman dressing gown!.  Both boys were run ragged after the party and so was I! HAHA!

Thank goodness there is a few months before the next one!

That One Time The Police Visited!

During the summer, when Ollie started getting restless and bored, I took the initiative to write to the PSNI headquarters to see if there was any way that we could come and visit a police station. I explained in my email that Ollie had an avid interest in everything emergency services related and it was an interest that I wanted to encourage.  I didn’t think my email would go far but I figured that if I didn’t ask……

I was surprised a few days later when I got an email saying thank you for writing and that they were passing my mail to someone in my area.  I then got an email from the Constable Dunne who was the police man for our area and he said that we couldn’t visit the station for a number of different reasons but that he and a colleague could call out with the police car and visit with us. Excitement!!

When they were on their way, Ollie had no idea.  I didn’t tell either of the boys about my plan so when a police car showed up right outside the house, with two police men stepping out of it, Ollie looked excited and confused.

While they were here they answered Ollie’s questions and filled him in on this things he would need to do if he wanted to work for the PSNI one day.  They told him he needed to listen to his mummy more, always listen to his teacher and try hard at school and they told him a little about the young offenders unit just up the road from here and that the boys who were there hadn’t been very good.  They were so good with the boys, let them try their police hats on, showed them the items they kept in their duty belt (gun, cuffs, baton, cs spray, a radio and a torch).  They also brought some PSNI branded stationery for the boys (rulers, pencils and rubbers)!

When it was time for them to go, they let Ollie into the front of the car.  They switched the lights on, let the siren go and then we took a photo outside the car.  I can’t imagine what the neighbours thought!

How awesome is that for community engagement though.  I know the boys will remember the day forever.

Living Arrows 30/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran

Ollie and Nate  //  We were lucky enough to enjoy not just a couple of days of good weather, but rather an whole week.  It was seriously wonderful.  The boys loved being able to play out in the sand all day and Ollie enjoyed having friends over to play in the garden.  They have a sand pit that has a lid that we use to put water in because our garden is not big (or flat) enough for a large paddling pool.  On Wednesday I made them a fort using a blanket that I pegged to the slide and we put blankets and pillows inside.  Marcie got a ton of use out of the shade also.  It eventually reached 27 degrees C which is pretty rare here in Ireland.  I’m not sure if we will get that sort of temperature again this summer but we are hoping.  The better weather really makes a huge improvement to everyone’s mood and the boys are much happier being able to play outside!

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