Living Arrows 8 & 9/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”
Kahlil Gibran

Nate //



We spent a lovely part of a Saturday morning exploring the forest beside where we live.  Finally it seems like the weather is brightening up some and we are excited to adventure without freezing!  Both boys wore their wellies and Nate picked up a lot of sticks along the way!

Ollie //



Ollie is an adventurer at heart.  He loves being outdoors.  When we are out walking, I’ll often hear him telling a story out loud, even if he is the only one who hears it.  His brain is so full of imagination.

Nate //



Ollie //



I got both boys rooms decorated a couple of months ago and they love them.  In each of their rooms they have banners that come as a ton of letters and you can have them say anything you like.  Nate’s room is now superhero themed and Ollie’s doesn’t have a theme, but is full of weird and wonderful things.

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Christmas 2015

Christmas didn’t start quite as early as it has done in the past… unless you count Ollie coming into the bedroom at 3am to say that Santa had been!  He went back to bed and straight back to sleep though.  When it was ACTUALLY morning, we all went into Ollie’s room and the boys got stuck into the sacks that Santa brought.



When the boys were done going through their Santa sacks (which included pyjamas, boxers, socks, sweets, books, art things, games) we made our way downstairs to open the rest of our gifts.




This year we had a super top secret surprise present for each of the boys that was not under the tree.  We got them each an iPod Touch and hid them under breakfast cereal and called them into the dining room.  Ollie was the first to discover his… but there was also confusion on their faces followed by much excitement.




After all the presents were opened, I made breakfast (the real breakfast that was not cheerios) which consisted of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and potato bread.


As is the tradition now, we all got ready to go and visit James family at his Mum’s house.  The boys got dressed in gorgeous new Christmas shirts (this might be the last year I get away with dressing them the same!) and off we went.  Christmas morning at his Mum’s is full of snacks and chatting and the boys run around crazy with their two cousins.



This year I planned the dinner out properly so that the turkey was almost cooked when we got home.  Most years I don’t start dinner until we are back but it leaves little time in the day to do much else.  This year was a lot more relaxed.



The boys had a ton of fun pulling the crackers and dinner was delicious.  I’d made ham the day before and this year had homemade stuffing too.  We didn’t have desert because we were too full after dinner so we sat in the living room and snuggled together watching Christmas tv while James slept.

Later in the evening, my family came round.  We had another big round of opening presents with the boys and drank shloer, mulled wine and ate mince pies.  Ollie was so surprised to see that Grandma and Grandpa had bought him a lovely half size guitar complete with everything he needed to get started learning.  Nate got a big remote control truck.  It was a lovely way to get the evening in before the boys went to bed.




Living Arrows 18/52 and 19/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran


Ollie and Nate  //  Nate and Ollie still share baths.  They’ve shared baths since the day and hour we brought Nate home from the hospital and they have always enjoyed it.  Ollie has always had the perk of being the last one out of the bath, because he is older… I take Nate out first and Ollie plays alone while I get Nate dried and dressed.  They both enjoy baths differently, though each of them is a little timid when it comes to water.  I don’t know where that stems from.  Nate won’t sit on his bum… he sits on his hunkers for the duration of his bath because he is afraid of slipping and he won’t lie back for me to rinse his hair.  Ollie on the other hand, doesn’t mind lying down in the bath ‘practicing his swimming’ but get water in his eyes and there is a full scale meltdown. Aside from each of their little eccentricities, they LOVE baths!  They have a ton of toys in there and sometimes the bathroom ends up SOAKED.


Ollie  //  Recently, Ollie and I have butting heads.  A lot.  We have been so close to falling out so much recently and it’s really hurt our hearts.  I love that boy to PIECES and I know his strong will and independent mind are really good traits for him to have…. but his constant questioning and challenging me on everything I say is really hard.  When we aren’t having a run in, he is the sweetest and most sensitive little boy that I’ve ever known.  He brings me home cards from school covered in hearts, he tells me he loves me infinity hearts… and we always tell each other that we are BFFs.  On Saturday night, he and I went to Starbucks for a hot chocolate date.  It was so needed and so worthwhile just to have one on one time.  He chose a hat and a tie to wear with his shirt… and when we got our hot chocolate and cake he insisted I sit beside him, not in front of him.  I LOVED our date and in that small hour I learned so much.

Nate  //  Both my boys have been blessed with imaginations beyond our wildest dreams.  They don’t even need toys.  They can play with ANYTHING and the stories they tell could fill a whole series of books.  Nate has recently started to copy the things that Ollie does and that now includes a fascination with toy swords and wearing sunglasses wherever he goes.  He is obsessed with ALL things superhero…. Spiderman, Batman, Hulk… he knows all of the names. He is so full of beans and is on the move from the moment he wakes until the moment he falls asleep and finds it hard to sit in one place for more than ten minutes.  Even when I asked him to sit still so I could take a photo of him in his Batman onesie… he was still rolling around the floor and I got a couple of photos quickly when he sat back up.  There is no boredom in this house haha!

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Living Arrows 16/52 and 17/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran


Ollie and Nate //  As a treat for Easter we decided to make a chocolate, sweetie thingy.  I’m not sure of the exact name, but I saw it on a few blogs.  Ollie thought this was a great idea and Nate’s eyes were wide at the sweets that I put into cups.  I melted white chocolate and spread it thinly on baking paper, put it in the fridge to harden and then spread melted milk chocolate on top.  When it was spread nicely I set the layered melted chocolate on the table and let the boys go crazy putting toppings on.  We had jelly beans, mini eggs and crunched up Ritz crackers.


Ollie and Nate  //  The boys have started playing so well together.  They really love each other’s company.  Ollie has taken to calling Nate “dude” instead.  Nate follows Ollie wherever he goes and wants to be playing with the same things.  When they got home from school they had cookies and milk and watched Ninjago on Netflix… Ollie on a stool and Nate on a little musical Fisher Price chair and as Ollie dunked his cookies into milk, Nate watched and did the same thing.  I’m so glad that for right now, they get along.  It might not always be that way!

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Living Arrows 13/52, 14/52 and 15/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran


Ollie  //  It was science week at school for Ollie and on the Friday they had to go in dressed as scientists.  We have a lab coat here but it was WAY too big so he settled for a shirt tucked into blue cord trousers, pens in his pocket, a notebook and thick glasses.  I could die of cuteness overload… he looks SO good in my old glasses and he was all pleased with himself.

Nate  //  I swear Nate was a monkey in a previous life.  Never have I seen a child love bananas so much!  Bananas are his favourite snack and he would eat them at any opportunity.  Ollie isn’t so keen so maybe that’s why it seems like such a huge opposite.


Ollie and Nate  //  The evenings are getting bright so quickly!  I remember, as a kid, that I used to love going to bed in the summer.  it was such a comfort to fall asleep when it was still light outside.  My boys are the opposite though.  Ollie gets cranky that it is ‘still daytime’ and if we put Nate to bed we find him on his floor playing with toys 15 minutes later.  Luckily they are gradually getting used to it.  Nate has been going to bed with a sheet tucked to the upper bunk, to make it dark and cosy on the underneath bunk.  That’s helped a little too.  Black out blinds were invented for a reason and I really need to invest in some!


Ollie  //  This past week, both boys have suffered dreadfully with chicken pox (as detailed in my last post haha!).  Ollie was at first delighted to get a whole week off school, but as the week dragged on he got irritable and bored.  Luckily he is out the other side and knows that he most likely won’t get it ever again… he is old enough to explain to that it’s better to get it younger than it is to get it when you are older.  He has been a star…. so brave and funny.

Nate  //  I had no idea that the boys would develop such a different dose of the pox.  Nate’s were horrendous and approximately 3 times as many as Ollie had and they were mainly in his nappy area.  How horrid must that be!!  We had 4 nights of hardly any sleep…. LOTS of bicarbonate of soda baths and oat baths too… lots of cuddles.  He is still a baby in the sense that we couldn’t explain to him what was happening or what could help… but we are lucky to be out the other side and like Ollie, it’s most likely he won’t ever get them again.

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Do you get that feeling… where you are sure you’ve been nothing but busy, because you’ve felt overwhelmed and pulled in all directions, but when you sit down to write a post of what you’ve been up to… nothing comes to mind?  That’s why a Twitter feed is priceless.  It helps me remember what I did in a month haha!  That and Instagram!

So yep, lots has been happening here. 

I’ve been driving lots.  I’m feeling so much more confident and I am hoping that for my test, it will be 4th time lucky.  The test IS really hard to pass here, most people take more than one go… but I feel dumb nonetheless.  I am so looking forward to the freedom having my licence will bring. I’ll be able to take the boys to the beach in the summer!

Ollie made his Beavers promise.  He is done with Squirrels and has moved up a level in his Scouting career.  The new blue sweatshirt looks great and since making his promise he has earned a badge for taking part in a 5km sponsored walk.  He raised £110 altogether!!!!!!!

The boys went to a birthday party at Ards Swimming Pool and while they we thought it was so great, we decided to book Ollie’s party there in June.  He is so excited…. we have use of the pool, the function room with a kitchen and Ollie is allowed to invite up to 30 friends!  It’s going to be great.  I can’t believe he is going to be 6 so soon… he wants a Playmobil Police Station from us.  Also, he seems to be the only almost 6 year old to not have lost a single tooth.  He comes and checks with me often, I give them a wiggle and it’s always a no.

Nate is coming on leaps and bounds with regards to independence.  He wants to do everything himself which is awesome, but not so awesome when he has a melt down because I need him to get into his pram… he just wants to walk everywhere himself and sometimes that isn’t practical.  He is trying so so hard to talk, but I’m a little worried about his speech.  He tries SO HARD.  He goes to a Creche on Tuesday morning and they have put in a referral for a speech therapist to come out and play with him in a couple of Tuesdays just to see where he is at and what we can do next.  Although he doesn’t have certain words, he knows how to make you understand what he wants.  He is incredible.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Ollie and Nate came in and we had cuddles and they gave me presents which consisted of a huge tub of pic n’ mix sweets and top that Ollie chose. They also had a ton of handmade cards and pictures and Ollie had a handmade flower for me too.  The boys and I then set off for church and during the service the kids all got up at the front to sing a song for the mamas and then they brought each of us a flower!!  It was so lovely.  We had a duvet day for the rest of Sunday, snuggled on the sofa and watched Matilda.  James picked up takeout for dinner, but not just any takeout…. Big Als from Stranmillis: Ribs, wings and chilli cheese fries.  Actually AMAZING.

Oh and I’m going to see The Killers and Bastille in August!!!!  My dad got tickets for me and him for my 30th birthday in July and we are currently having a lot of work done on our home!