Letter to Littlest

Nate, You’re 5!!!


Holy moly, how time flies!  It still feels like yesterday that we rushed to the hospital to have you, our little waterbaby.  How have 5 years passed us by?  5 is such a big age and I know you are super excited to be older.  You told me on the morning of your birthday that you felt like you knew more things and that your bones had definitely grown!

You started school this year and you have loved it from day 1.  Always excited to learn new things and see your friends and your confidence is developing at a rapid rate!

You make me and Daddy and Ollie smile every single day and you has so much love for everyone.  You want to see everyone happy and you’ll go out of your way to make it so. You’re caring and kind and your giggle is SO infectious!!  You can bring joy to a houseful of people with just one chuckle and you have an abundance of kisses and cuddles to give.

You and Ollie are closer now than you ever have been especially with shared interests now, which is lovely for me to see.  You play the Xbox together, he lets you take part in the movies he makes, he reads to you sometimes and he loves having you to play with.  The two of you still fight sometimes, but that’s normal isn’t it?  You always make up with a sorry and a hug.  Always always treasure that lovely brother of yours.

You are super creative and you love anything to do with drawing, painting, practicing your writing, playing playdoh, using scissors and glue, you’re like me!  I loved (and still do) all of those things.  You’re drawings are SO SO good and we’ve loved having them stuck on our walls and fridge and wherever they will fit.

You still love Batman, Spiderman and every other superhero you can think of and you know everything there is to know about My Little Pony.  You’ve started playing big boy games like Minecraft and Terraria and you love being able to play these two player with your brother.  When Daddy is here you love boys time with him and Ollie and you have a new found interest in board games.  For Christmas you got a small keyboard and you love putting in piano and dance performances for us all.

You’re favourite foods are sausages, cereal and milk, pancakes, pepperoni pizza and pasta, though you do make a huge effort to try new foods knowing that sometimes you find foods that you like!

I can’t wait to learn more and adventure more with you, my little lovesome.  I love each and every day I get to spend with you and be your mummy… you bring incredible happiness to my life and to our family and I love you millions.


Letter to Littlest


You are FOUR!  Four years ago that you came into the world on a cold, bright morning in such a hurry it took me by surprise… though you’d been keeping me on my toes a good few weeks before that.  After all the weeks of false labour, you’re arrival was so welcome and it was a relief to finally hold my little mischief in my arms.

You’ve been our littlest boy for 4 years now and we are surprised by you every day… by how funny you are, how independent and strong you are and by how much that grin of yours can cheer up a whole house.


You’re developing this insanely wonderful personality.  You’re so caring and kind and you are so generous with cuddles and kisses and words to make someone feel happy.  You’re like sunshine and you’re not a baby any more.  You’re a little boy but growing fast and I’m proud of the big boy you’re turning into.

You are outgoing and friendly… you aren’t afraid to try new things… you’re so willing to help… you are adventurous.


Last September you started at nursery school and that’s where you spend every morning now during the week.  You weren’t nervous to start and you have loved it ever since and you are learning A LOT.  You’ve learnt songs and stories and you’ve made lovely friends.

You adore your brother even though you fight some times.  He tries so hard sometimes to keep his patience and do lovely things with you and you love the attention he gives you and the big boy games he plays with you and on occasion, he reads to you too.  Keep being good friends with big Ollie because you are very important to each other.


Nate, you love to draw and your drawings are all recognisable and so imaginative… you brought home a drawing of a birthday cake the other day and you draw ninjas and superheroes a lot.  Every day, you bring me a drawing.  You also love Playdoh and kinetic sand.  You love Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, Power Rangers and My Little Pony and you know how to use an ipod.  Wrestling with daddy and Ollie is one of your favourite things to do and you also love dressing up.  Today you are dressed as a Ninja complete with sword and throwing stars.


I love being at home to collect you from school and spend time enjoying these things with you.  You’re my heart Nate and we are so proud of you.  We love the bones of you.

Mummy xx

Letter to my 7 year old!

Dear Ollie,

You’ve been 7 for almost a month now, we’ve known each other for more than 2500 days!  It’s so hard to comprehend just how fast your years are flying by us.  You are growing at an astonishing pace while I watch in awe.  It really was 7 years ago that you arrived into our family and changed our whole world.  If you want to stop time soon and stay your sweet, energetic, excited little self then be my guest.  Haha!


We are so proud of you Ollie, you have the largest personality of anyone I know and your confidence is in bucketloads.  You have so many friends in school and though you have a little trouble paying attention for extended periods of time, you’re doing really very well there!  We just got your report home and your scores are above average.  You’re so imaginative and you consistently get your maths and spellings tests all correct on Fridays.  You absorb information from the pages of books like nothing I have ever seen.  You’re so curious and that’s just one of the amazing things about you.

At school you’ve a few best friends, but mostly you’re very good friends with everyone.  You are finding interests in common with your friends and I’m catching a glimpse of what it will be like in the future with regards trends and all that malarky!  At the moment it is a few computer games which you all talk about endlessly, movies too.

Your little brother looks up to you in every way.  He loves when you come home from school and he loves when you spend quality time playing with him.  Even when you are not here, he plays the things that you play and he waits patiently until after lunchtime, giving a big grin when I tell him it is time to collect you.  You’ve such an important job as his big brother and I know you know that already because I sometimes see you trying hard and trying to have patience with him.  I know it’s not always easy!

In the past year you have made me laugh so incredibly much, you’ve told me your stories, you’ve told me your worries.  You had your first date with Sophie, read your first novel by yourself, cuddled me almost every night before bed and you got your own bedroom.

You love anything to do with Egypt, ninjas, assassins, computer games, Minecraft, lego and you spend the majority of your time outside with friends on your scooter or your bike.  An independence that you were ready before long before I was.  You love rambling in the forest and for your birthday you got your first real life set of tools… your grasp of technology astounds me! Your favourite foods are baked potatoes, cereal, pizza and sushi.  You’re even brave enough to eat the raw sushi which mummy won’t even try!

You’re just wonderful.

You are my world, Ollie Hughes, you are my heart and I love every single day that I get to be your mummy and I’m excited for the days and years to come.

Love you millions, Mummy.

Nate’s Birthday Party!

DSC_1534 I’m so late in getting this posted but I had a lot of trouble with my blog and those loose ends needed tidied up before I posted anything new.  Nate’s birthday was indeed a couple of months ago now and this year we chose to stay at home and have a few people over.  My littlest man hasn’t yet been to nursery school or anything so he hasn’t the same amount of friends to invite to a big party like Ollie does, so a small celebration at home was perfect.

DSC_1523 He dressed up as Hulk to answer the door to our friends and family… the theme was Avengers, so we had avengers table decor and Ollie drew all the characters on the blackboard in the dining room.  I also made a Hulk cake.


Instead of party bags that we normally do, I made up little bags of mixed sweeties and chocolate and tied them with a Hulk label that said “Thanks for coming to my party”.


We got him one of the huge number balloons that are filled with helium and he loved it.  He dragged it about from room to room.

629A8425 629A8435

Most of the friends that came are friends of Ollie’s who, since Nate was born, have taken to him also.  They are all very good with him and include him as much as they can.  We have the same group over for most birthdays and Halloween!


The food we served consisted of sandwiches, pizza, chips, chicken nuggets, tortilla chips and salsa, grapes, cookies, sausages and potato salad and my mum made a huge pot of her amazing pumpkin soup.


I also bought limeade, which Nate called “Hulk juice” because it was bright green and he took to calling the grapes “Hulk grapes” too.


Nate loved the Hulk cake… the second Hulk cake in a week, but by far the easier one because I just iced the cake green and put a Pop Vinyl Hulk on top of it.

629A8469 DSC_1539He opened his presents when everyone went home and he got awesome gifts.  He was given some clothes, puzzles, stickle bricks, building blocks that are blackboard that you can draw on with chalk, a huge toy airplane, a transformer truck, TMNT boxers and a gorgeous Superman dressing gown!.  Both boys were run ragged after the party and so was I! HAHA!

Thank goodness there is a few months before the next one!

Nate’s Birthday

Nate turned 3 a few weeks ago and we had a wonderful time with both a birthday day, just family, and then a proper party a week later.

His birthday always comes so quickly after Christmas that it hits us like BAM and we are sat choosing presents again (even though he doesn’t need very much) and wrapping again.  Sick of the sight of wrapping paper haha.  It was all worth it though when he woke on his birthday morning.  I’m so glad it was a Sunday, so James didn’t have to take a day off work to be with us.

This year he unwrapped a Spiderman scooter, a Teenage Ninja Turtles dress up, Playdoh, a toolbox, a Nerf gun and some superheroes!  Each unwrapping was met with a grin and a gasp… so much fun watching him open presents.

I served the boys Brioche for breakfast and then we got up and dressed to take the boys out on their scooter/ skateboard.  It was freeeeeezing so we didn’t stay out long, just long enough for Nate to get somewhat to grips with how his scooter worked.  We grabbed a KFC on the way home and waited for Uncle Ryan to drop by.  He had a family ticket for W5 and we thought it would make a great birthday outing!

After spending a few hours in W5, we went to Nando’s for dinner.  It’s always a fail safe for us, the boys love the food there and they get all you can eat frozen yoghurt afterwards!  When dinner was done it was straight home for cake and bed.  Hulk cake that is.

To my 3 year old

Little Nate,

We say it every year, but we really can’t believe how fast the time goes.  You’re now THREE!  You turned three a couple of weeks ago and honestly, it feels like we have no more babies in our house.  Our baby days are done and we have two amazing boys who are growing up at rocket speed!

I think back to all the mischief you caused in the lead up to your birth.  You kept us guessing night after night for weeks, about when you might arrive… it was all on your terms.  To this day you are still as headstrong as you were before you were even born.  You are so confident and independent and you smile at everyone you meet.

I’m so glad I was blessed with boys… you LOVE having Ollie as your older brother even though at times you bother each other.  You are learning to stand up for yourself at the same time as he is learning to have patience and when you guys play together nicely, you have the BEST time.

You aren’t even slightly babyish anymore.  This last year we have tackled potty training and you have done remarkably well… you gave your soothers to Santa this year so he could give them to crying babies everywhere… and you don’t need a pram anymore, you love to walk and this September you start nursery school… you’ll be gone every morning until 11.45!  I’m going to miss you so much but I know you will love it.

Your speech has come on leaps and bounds and considering that last year they wanted a speech therapist to check on you, you’ve proved to everyone once again that you do things in your own time.  You talk in full sentences and actually, you don’t stop talking…. some of your words are very cute.

You currently love Paw Patrol and anything superhero… your favourites are Hulk and Batman. You love being read to and you love to do anything crafty and would play with playdoh or colour in for hours.  You enjoy rough-housing with Ollie and you emulate everything he does including karate and breakdancing and honestly, I’d like to get you into a class when you’re old enough because you are really rather good!  In terms of what you like to eat…. that changes day by day… but you love cereal and bananas and you call green grapes Hulk grapes!

We love the absolute bones of you and we are beyond lucky to have you.

Love, Mummy.

30 After 30!

When I was 28 I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30.  At the time, the list didn’t seem all that insanely ambitious… but having just checked, I only crossed off a very small fraction.

I learnt to shoot in manual mode on my camera (though I am still practicing!), I started yoga (but have not yet mastered the splits), I made some new friends, I ate lobster again (more than once!), I tried a new hairstyle and we paid off a credit card.

A couple of my goals are currently in progress… for instance, I am sitting my driving test in August and I hope that I pass it this time.  We are attending a music festival on Friday (missing the mark by just a couple of days!), James and I have plans to hike Slieve Donard and I’m halfway through losing a stone.

As I turn 30 today though, I’m ok with having not completed my list but I am excited to write a list of 30 more things I would like to do as I enter a new decade (I know, sounds weird right?) and some of them come from my old list.  This time I am taking the pressure off and not setting myself a deadline/ time limit… and if I change my mind about completing one or all them, then that’s ok.  It’s my list! 🙂

So without further ado… presenting my 30 AFTER 30 list.

  1. Karaoke.  Nobody hears me sing.  So I’d love to step out of my comfort zone just once.
  2. Buy a KitchenAid mixer.  Fancy schmancy kitchen appliance… grown up or what?
  3. Let go of grudges…
  4. Complete my BA (Honours) in English Literature and Language.  Starting in October!
  5. Run a 5K.  This is happening in August!!!!  DONE.
  6. Travel!
  7. Attend a blog conference.
  8. Learn how to cook something fancy.
  9. Pay it forward.
  10. Read the news!  I need to be more aware of important situations in the world!
  11. Make a garden!!!!  Current garden is totally crap haha!
  12. Let go of broken friendships.  DONE.
  13. Spend more time nurturing quality friendships.
  14. Create and not touch an emergency fund.
  15. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant.
  16. Geocache.  We need to do this as a family.
  17. Establish my photography business.
  18. Write our will.
  19. Try raw sushi.
  20. Have a regular exercise routine.
  21. Drink more water.  People who say water doesn’t have a taste are lying!!!
  22. Redecorate…
  23. …and declutter.
  24. Learn a new language.  Maybe german!
  25. Take a salsa class.
  26. Own gorgeous lingerie.  How fun to have ONLY pretty underwear rather than functional.
  27. Say yes more often, especially to the kids.
  28. Complete another project 365.
  29. Give blood.
  30. Do volunteer work.