Letter to Littlest

Nate, You’re 5!!!


Holy moly, how time flies!  It still feels like yesterday that we rushed to the hospital to have you, our little waterbaby.  How have 5 years passed us by?  5 is such a big age and I know you are super excited to be older.  You told me on the morning of your birthday that you felt like you knew more things and that your bones had definitely grown!

You started school this year and you have loved it from day 1.  Always excited to learn new things and see your friends and your confidence is developing at a rapid rate!

You make me and Daddy and Ollie smile every single day and you has so much love for everyone.  You want to see everyone happy and you’ll go out of your way to make it so. You’re caring and kind and your giggle is SO infectious!!  You can bring joy to a houseful of people with just one chuckle and you have an abundance of kisses and cuddles to give.

You and Ollie are closer now than you ever have been especially with shared interests now, which is lovely for me to see.  You play the Xbox together, he lets you take part in the movies he makes, he reads to you sometimes and he loves having you to play with.  The two of you still fight sometimes, but that’s normal isn’t it?  You always make up with a sorry and a hug.  Always always treasure that lovely brother of yours.

You are super creative and you love anything to do with drawing, painting, practicing your writing, playing playdoh, using scissors and glue, you’re like me!  I loved (and still do) all of those things.  You’re drawings are SO SO good and we’ve loved having them stuck on our walls and fridge and wherever they will fit.

You still love Batman, Spiderman and every other superhero you can think of and you know everything there is to know about My Little Pony.  You’ve started playing big boy games like Minecraft and Terraria and you love being able to play these two player with your brother.  When Daddy is here you love boys time with him and Ollie and you have a new found interest in board games.  For Christmas you got a small keyboard and you love putting in piano and dance performances for us all.

You’re favourite foods are sausages, cereal and milk, pancakes, pepperoni pizza and pasta, though you do make a huge effort to try new foods knowing that sometimes you find foods that you like!

I can’t wait to learn more and adventure more with you, my little lovesome.  I love each and every day I get to spend with you and be your mummy… you bring incredible happiness to my life and to our family and I love you millions.


Living Arrows 11 & 12/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”
Kahlil Gibran

Nate  //



Nate got his first pedal bike this week!  He had a balance bike before that he’d got quite good on but it was getting so small for him that as his Easter present it was time for a new one.  He was so excited when he saw it and even though he hasn’t had pedals before, he knows exactly what to do and got the hang of it really fast… next step is taking the stabilisers off!

Ollie  //



Ollie’s old bike was broken and also too small so he got a new bike too.  His new one is a gorgeous red colour and he was so excited when he got it that he didn’t believe me that it was for him.  It’s bigger than his last one so it took a bit of getting used to but he’s zooming about now.

Nate  //



Ollie  //



Happy Easter bonnet time!!!  Ollie needed to make one for school’s last day so Nate really wanted to make one too.  They turned out identical except for Ollie’s having chicks on and Nate’s having bunnies!  Both boys were so pleased with how they turned out and wore them to school excitedly!

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Living Arrows 8 & 9/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”
Kahlil Gibran

Nate //



We spent a lovely part of a Saturday morning exploring the forest beside where we live.  Finally it seems like the weather is brightening up some and we are excited to adventure without freezing!  Both boys wore their wellies and Nate picked up a lot of sticks along the way!

Ollie //



Ollie is an adventurer at heart.  He loves being outdoors.  When we are out walking, I’ll often hear him telling a story out loud, even if he is the only one who hears it.  His brain is so full of imagination.

Nate //



Ollie //



I got both boys rooms decorated a couple of months ago and they love them.  In each of their rooms they have banners that come as a ton of letters and you can have them say anything you like.  Nate’s room is now superhero themed and Ollie’s doesn’t have a theme, but is full of weird and wonderful things.

Linking up with The Ordinary Moments, Living Arrows and Practising Simplicity.

Living Arrows 7/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”
Kahlil Gibran

Nate  //



Ollie  //


I love the absolute bones of these boys.  We had a nice little Valentine’s morning… I got them a couple of gifts each and made them waffles with bacon and maple syrup.  The made a couple of cards and made sure that I knew they loved me.  Lucky isn’t a strong enough word.