I’ve Been Smiling Recently Because…

♥  I discovered that the movie adaptation of The Girl On The Train, is going to be out towards the end of the year… and not only that but it has Emily Blunt playing the lead! Excited plus plus!!


♥  I became owner of a brand new electric blanket.  It seems I missed the boat on them a lot of years back but this week I took the plunge.  I’m glad I did too… aside from it being the best thing ever, I have a rotten bad cold at the moment and the blanket is helping immeasurably.  Also, getting to snug my boys in a toastie bed… doesn’t get much better than that.

♥  I have a rediscovered obsession with Cadbury’s Picnic bars.  SO much happiness in one little bar.


♥  I’m almost finished watching season 3 of Wentworth!  What an awesome show, I can’t wait until the new season comes out!

♥  I got to dress my two little men up for World Book Day this morning.  Ollie wanted to go as Greg from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and Nate wanted to go as Spiderman.  They looked fab!


♥  It’s Friday tomorrow and I have a lovely couple of days planned including cooking a Mother’s Day dinner for my Mum on Saturday night.  This is our tradition every single year and we have dinner and watch a movie together.

♥  I have a stack of new magazines just waiting to be read.  My favourites are Flow, Oh Comely, Frankie and The Simple Things.


♥  I’ve got my salad cravings back, I suppose because we are heading into spring soon.  Nobody craves a salad so much when it’s freezing outside.  Goats cheese is my absolute favourite.

♥  Being unwell and in bed meant I had time to spend filling out my planner and making it look pretty.


♥  I recently invested in a bath tray.  Best purchase of 2016 so far (except for the electric blanket).  How decadent it is to lie in the bath with somewhere to set your wine glass full of Coke, your chocolate and your book.

8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Smiling Recently Because…

  1. ljsreveries says:

    All great reasons to smile. I like Emily Blunt and I guess I need to get onboard and read The Girl on the Train (heehee, “onboard”). And now I want a bath tray!


  2. mummy and monkeys says:

    I used to love my electric blanket as a kid, best thing ever! I’ve always wonderd about a bath tray but I’ve decided it’s on my list now. A lovely week of happiness. You should come and join in with #366daysofpositive on Instagram if you are on there. Thanks for linking to #PicknMix Eilidh x


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