So…. Roller Derby!

Roller derby came into my life in April of last year and since then a day hasn’t passed where I haven’t thought about my roller derby dreams!  I’ve never been into a sport (EVER) and to be honest, I find exercise boring… so I’ve surprised myself with just how hooked I’ve become on this.


Since April, once a weekend for an hour and a half, we’ve been training really hard.  The first few weekends were spent getting to grips with having wheels on our feet but after week 4 it ramped up and got hard and amazing.  Mondays brought derby legs… a pain I hadn’t felt before but I knew it was good because it meant I’d really tried hard!  I learnt so many skills… crossovers, skating backwards, transitions, jumps and then when summer came we got into full contact and how to give/ take hits etc.

In order to go into the next level of training, everyone needs to pass what is known as a minimum skills assessment.  Minimum skills assessment was in the 3rd week of September and I couldn’t believe it when I found out I had passed (albeit by the skin of my teeth)!!  Pleased doesn’t even come close.  I even got to choose my derby name, Emmageddon with my birthday as my derby number.


Then level 2 started and I learned SO much, SO fast… so fast that some of it escaped me and I’ve found myself in level 2 for a second time.  This is no bad thing, I’m not mentally ready for the intensity that comes with being in advanced, which is what comes next…

It’s intense but I love it and I’ve made AMAZING friends.  There have been ups and downs and two of my closest friends got broken bones in the summer just weeks apart.  One of those friends has launched herself into the league off skates doing Line up (Meryl Screech)… and the other, my derby wife, has been back on skates for a few weeks now (Slammity Jane).  My other friend just made advanced and she is doing AMAZING (Tinkerblaze).


I want to play on a team someday… but I’m taking babysteps right now.  I’m not good under pressure so I’m telling myself that I go each week because I love to skate and someday I’ll hopefully be good enough to make a team and play roller derby like a badass!  I need to grow my confidence first.  I can’t imagine life without roller derby now and I’d encourage everyone to give it a try!


2 thoughts on “So…. Roller Derby!

  1. The Pramshed says:

    This sounds like so much, I had no idea that this existed. I thought all it was to rollerskating was just going to your local skating centre. It must also be such a good way to keep fit, maybe I should take it up as a way to lose the baby weight. Claire x #MarvMondays


  2. Kaye says:

    I absolutely love the names, giggling so much! And your skates are utterly fantastic. I know a few people that’ve been into Roller Derby recently, it sounds great, though I’m not sure I’d be any good. Bet it’s great for exercising though and getting out of the house for a bit. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Kaye xo


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