2016 Bucket List


♥ Climb a mountain  ♥ Decorate the house  ♥ Skinny dip in the sea  ♥ Camp  ♥ Go to a music festival in the summer  ♥ Get the new tattoos I’ve been dreaming about  ♥ Go on more adventures with the boys  ♥ Read A LOT  ♥ Get invested in my photography and get my business off the ground  ♥ Visit another country  ♥ Do the Colour Run 5k  ♥ Volunteer
♥ Learn a language  ♥ Step outside of my comfort zone and do something cool with my hair ♥ Keep organised and up to date in my planner  ♥ Have early mornings and early nights
♥ Give blood (before I get tattooed)  ♥ Blog more consistently  ♥ Stop overthinking every situation  ♥ Be honest with myself

11 thoughts on “2016 Bucket List

  1. Kimberly M (@momgosomething) says:

    Oh I highly recommend doing the colour run. That was probably one of my most favourite things that I did in 2015. I did it with my seven year old. I can’t run because I have metal holding my spine together so we walked but it was just as fun. You NEED to do it!!
    Giving blood is an awesome thing to do! I’ve been in need of blood products and I am so thankful for people who take the time to donate!
    What tattoo were you thinking of getting? I’ve been itching all year — maybe this year is my year too 🙂
    Well I hope that you can cross off these on your list — if not — that’s cool too though right? Just make the year a good one full of fun and smiles and memories. That’s what it’s about 🙂


  2. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy says:

    Great bucket list you have here! I’ve been reading a ton and even joined a few book challenges. And I hear the Color Run is tons of fun. I might try it this year and see for myself. Good luck with knocking everything off your bucket list!


  3. Emma Jones says:

    Great post & some amazing things. I’ve never heard of the colour run. I also want a tattoo but OH not keen 🙂 happy 2016 & hope you achieve your goals. #thelist Lifeinthemumslane


  4. mamaslosinit says:

    My sister and I were JUST talking about our boring hair and how we need to find actual hair styles for ourselves. This was a fun list to read!


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