Letter to Littlest


You are FOUR!  Four years ago that you came into the world on a cold, bright morning in such a hurry it took me by surprise… though you’d been keeping me on my toes a good few weeks before that.  After all the weeks of false labour, you’re arrival was so welcome and it was a relief to finally hold my little mischief in my arms.

You’ve been our littlest boy for 4 years now and we are surprised by you every day… by how funny you are, how independent and strong you are and by how much that grin of yours can cheer up a whole house.


You’re developing this insanely wonderful personality.  You’re so caring and kind and you are so generous with cuddles and kisses and words to make someone feel happy.  You’re like sunshine and you’re not a baby any more.  You’re a little boy but growing fast and I’m proud of the big boy you’re turning into.

You are outgoing and friendly… you aren’t afraid to try new things… you’re so willing to help… you are adventurous.


Last September you started at nursery school and that’s where you spend every morning now during the week.  You weren’t nervous to start and you have loved it ever since and you are learning A LOT.  You’ve learnt songs and stories and you’ve made lovely friends.

You adore your brother even though you fight some times.  He tries so hard sometimes to keep his patience and do lovely things with you and you love the attention he gives you and the big boy games he plays with you and on occasion, he reads to you too.  Keep being good friends with big Ollie because you are very important to each other.


Nate, you love to draw and your drawings are all recognisable and so imaginative… you brought home a drawing of a birthday cake the other day and you draw ninjas and superheroes a lot.  Every day, you bring me a drawing.  You also love Playdoh and kinetic sand.  You love Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, Power Rangers and My Little Pony and you know how to use an ipod.  Wrestling with daddy and Ollie is one of your favourite things to do and you also love dressing up.  Today you are dressed as a Ninja complete with sword and throwing stars.


I love being at home to collect you from school and spend time enjoying these things with you.  You’re my heart Nate and we are so proud of you.  We love the bones of you.

Mummy xx

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