Christmas Eve 2015

It’s become tradition to spend Christmas Eve with my Mum and Harry, so this year we kicked Christmas off in exactly the same way!

We headed over in the afternoon after finishing up some chores and Christmas bits and pieces and I got the boys dressed, looking all dapper in shirts!


When we arrived at Mum and Harry’s house we could already smell parsnip soup.  Another tradition.  We have Mum’s curried parsnip soup every year and it’s amazing!!!  We devoured it along with some warm crusty bread all while watching a Christmas movie.


After we had finished our soup, mum brought out two presents for the boys to open… this caused so much excitement and inside were two games… Monster Surgery and Funny Face.   Funny Face was really hard!!!!


Games was followed by the demolition of the beautiful gingerbread house that we made, with Ollie and Nate calling dibs on the Christmas Tree and the Snowman.  It took a while to get started but the house was crumbs soon enough.


Mum treated the boys to a little chocolate fountain to dip marshmallows into, you can never have too much sugar on Christmas Eve!


Sneaky Elfie snuck himself to Grandma’s house and we didn’t notice him there until a little later in the afternoon… and he had brought with him parcels with pyjamas.  The boys were delighted and put them on immediately.



After the boys got into their pyjamas, Mum did as she always does on Christmas Eve, snuggled them up on the sofa beside her and read The Night Before Christmas before we bundled to sugar hyped and overtired, excitable kids into the car.


Once home they laid a plate out for Santa which consisted of a huge bottle of beer, 2 cookies, a mince pie, a sausage roll and a carrot for the reindeer, and then they sprinkled the reindeer food that they’d made on the path at the front of the house.  It was full of glitter and the path sparkled.  Two excited boys were then off to bed!

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