Changing Things Up…


I’ve moved to a new domain.  For several reasons!

I’ve been lagging BADLY on the whole blogging front for a while now with Outmumbered.  I totally lost my mojo and I was starting to feel like the title and overall feel of my blog didn’t suit new things I had to write about.  I felt a little bit pigeon-holed.

Another reason is that I’d like to shift the focus a little from being ONLY about my two amazing little boys, to being a little more about the things I love.  Obviously, I’ll continue to write about the boys…. but making my blog a space for everything and anything rather than writing a ‘mum blog’, gives me a little more post freedom.

In changing the focus a little… I mean to give my boys a little more privacy as they grow older.  I’m very aware that in the early years, my posts are not dissimilar to many other new parents… when the boys were little they would do the same things as other little kids… but as they get older and their individual personalities really shine, I think they need more of a say in what I share online and I need to think more carefully about my posts..

I’ve given thought to this whole blogging thing in the last few weeks… mostly a niggling feeling for having not posted in so long.  What is that about??  Blogging should be fun!  I love writing and I don’t know where the self imposed guilt came from but I am hoping with the new domain and blog name (which by the way… is my roller derby name!!), I can shake it up a little and write to my hearts content without trying to make my posts fit to a certain mum-blog mould!  I was considering dropping my blog… but having kept it up for more than 7 years now, I couldn’t just quit like that.  I love my blog and the important details and memories that I have safe and recorded!

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