Back to School!

Summer seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye this year and here we are back to school.

Ollie is now in P4… crazy grown up!  Nate just started at the preschool and he goes every day from 8.45am until 11.45am.  It’s an odd feeling being at home in the morning every day by myself and I imagine it will take some getting used to!

Both boys go to breakfast club at the school which starts at 8am.  There they have breakfast of cereal or toast and they choose juice and fruit too.  Ollie is looking after Nate there because there are only a couple of preschool kids that go.  He is making sure that Nate isn’t sitting alone and that Nate gets his breakfast.

This year is the first year that Ollie is at school every day until 3pm!  It’s a long day for him and the work load has increased too but I know he will love it when he gets used to the new routine… for right now it’s making him super tired!  We have him signed up to start football next week and he has already earned himself a sticker for excellent behaviour for a full day.

Nate loves preschool so far.  He isn’t in for the full time yet because they stagger it.  He walked in on the first day with not a care in the world, I told him I was leaving and would be back soon and he didn’t mind at all… he set to work on playing with his playdough straightaway.  Each day he comes home with the name of a new friend or to tell me what his snack was that day!

Can’t believe I’ve two boys in school.  It’s just Marcie the dog and me at home in the mornings now!

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