Letter to my 7 year old!

Dear Ollie,

You’ve been 7 for almost a month now, we’ve known each other for more than 2500 days!  It’s so hard to comprehend just how fast your years are flying by us.  You are growing at an astonishing pace while I watch in awe.  It really was 7 years ago that you arrived into our family and changed our whole world.  If you want to stop time soon and stay your sweet, energetic, excited little self then be my guest.  Haha!


We are so proud of you Ollie, you have the largest personality of anyone I know and your confidence is in bucketloads.  You have so many friends in school and though you have a little trouble paying attention for extended periods of time, you’re doing really very well there!  We just got your report home and your scores are above average.  You’re so imaginative and you consistently get your maths and spellings tests all correct on Fridays.  You absorb information from the pages of books like nothing I have ever seen.  You’re so curious and that’s just one of the amazing things about you.

At school you’ve a few best friends, but mostly you’re very good friends with everyone.  You are finding interests in common with your friends and I’m catching a glimpse of what it will be like in the future with regards trends and all that malarky!  At the moment it is a few computer games which you all talk about endlessly, movies too.

Your little brother looks up to you in every way.  He loves when you come home from school and he loves when you spend quality time playing with him.  Even when you are not here, he plays the things that you play and he waits patiently until after lunchtime, giving a big grin when I tell him it is time to collect you.  You’ve such an important job as his big brother and I know you know that already because I sometimes see you trying hard and trying to have patience with him.  I know it’s not always easy!

In the past year you have made me laugh so incredibly much, you’ve told me your stories, you’ve told me your worries.  You had your first date with Sophie, read your first novel by yourself, cuddled me almost every night before bed and you got your own bedroom.

You love anything to do with Egypt, ninjas, assassins, computer games, Minecraft, lego and you spend the majority of your time outside with friends on your scooter or your bike.  An independence that you were ready before long before I was.  You love rambling in the forest and for your birthday you got your first real life set of tools… your grasp of technology astounds me! Your favourite foods are baked potatoes, cereal, pizza and sushi.  You’re even brave enough to eat the raw sushi which mummy won’t even try!

You’re just wonderful.

You are my world, Ollie Hughes, you are my heart and I love every single day that I get to be your mummy and I’m excited for the days and years to come.

Love you millions, Mummy.

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