Shake It Off!

10919268_341657849365808_165253830_nI don’t know what it is that makes the start of the year so hard for me to be motivated… maybe it’s the fact that it is so cold and gloomy here or maybe the Christmas come-down just lingers too long in my head… but I don’t get to feeling real perky about the year ahead until Spring!  Maybe even Easter!  As soon as the weather starts to get better/ warmer and the days start to get longer, my motivation grows and I become super productive, full of new ideas and enthusiasm for the rest of the year.  Is that normal or is it just me?

The end of March is nearly upon us and I can feel myself shaking off the slump that is the first quarter after Christmas!

I’m currently compiling a list of things that make me happy, to help speed up the shake-off phase.  Little things.

So far I have the following:

Compliments when you are least expecting them.
Browsing Pinterest for decor ideas for the boys new rooms.
Sunny mornings.
Driving alone.
Spicy sausage rolls from Attridge and Cole.
Playing board games as a family.
Snuggling with the boys in a blanket while introducing them to movies from my childhood.
Frozen yoghurt with mochi and sprinkles from Spoon Street.
Seeing my amazing friends.


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