To my 3 year old

Little Nate,

We say it every year, but we really can’t believe how fast the time goes.  You’re now THREE!  You turned three a couple of weeks ago and honestly, it feels like we have no more babies in our house.  Our baby days are done and we have two amazing boys who are growing up at rocket speed!

I think back to all the mischief you caused in the lead up to your birth.  You kept us guessing night after night for weeks, about when you might arrive… it was all on your terms.  To this day you are still as headstrong as you were before you were even born.  You are so confident and independent and you smile at everyone you meet.

I’m so glad I was blessed with boys… you LOVE having Ollie as your older brother even though at times you bother each other.  You are learning to stand up for yourself at the same time as he is learning to have patience and when you guys play together nicely, you have the BEST time.

You aren’t even slightly babyish anymore.  This last year we have tackled potty training and you have done remarkably well… you gave your soothers to Santa this year so he could give them to crying babies everywhere… and you don’t need a pram anymore, you love to walk and this September you start nursery school… you’ll be gone every morning until 11.45!  I’m going to miss you so much but I know you will love it.

Your speech has come on leaps and bounds and considering that last year they wanted a speech therapist to check on you, you’ve proved to everyone once again that you do things in your own time.  You talk in full sentences and actually, you don’t stop talking…. some of your words are very cute.

You currently love Paw Patrol and anything superhero… your favourites are Hulk and Batman. You love being read to and you love to do anything crafty and would play with playdoh or colour in for hours.  You enjoy rough-housing with Ollie and you emulate everything he does including karate and breakdancing and honestly, I’d like to get you into a class when you’re old enough because you are really rather good!  In terms of what you like to eat…. that changes day by day… but you love cereal and bananas and you call green grapes Hulk grapes!

We love the absolute bones of you and we are beyond lucky to have you.

Love, Mummy.

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