2015 Goals

Each year I make a list of goals for the year… and I call them goals because I think the word resolutions holds too much pressure.  Goals would suggest trying…. resolutions carries a lot more in the way of failure if you can’t rigidly stick to them.  Here are the five things I most want to work on this year!

1.  Establish my photography business!  I want to be a photographer.  I’m practicing and practicing and am still getting to grips with my camera and lenses and I want to work hard on my portfolio this year.  Nate starts nursery school in September so I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands!

2.  Take better care of myself!  This one is more because I turned 30 in the last year… I know I need to look after myself better.  I want to get into a habit of either running or doing yoga 4 times a week, lose a little weight and I need to drink more water and A LOT less Coke.

3.  Say yes more often.  This is a goal I set every year because it’s super important and there is always room for improvement.  I am guilty of saying “in a minute” or “we will do it later”, when really the most important thing is the boys, chores etc can wait.  I also need to consciously put my phone and computer away for a while and really absorb all the wonderful things that are happening in my day.

4.  Knuckle down and STUDY.  This year I started on a degree course part-time.  I love it and I am doing well, but to be honest, there is so much room for improvement where study is concerned.  I am getting good marks without putting all my effort in, so imagine what I could get if I REALLY TRY.

5.  Get serious about saving.

I’m late to the party in posting my goals for the year but it’s still January, so it still counts!

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