The Best Thing To Happen This Year

Choosing just one thing in these type of situations, is really hard for me… like choosing ONE favourite food or ONE favourite movie… I can’t.

This year has been a bit of a stressy year with hubby leaving his job.  The nice, comfy job he had for more than 8 years.  He/ we talked about him working for himself for a while and in February that’s what happened.  He left Kainos and became his own company with a contract starting just a couple days later.  It became evident quite quickly that we would be ok.  As a contractor he was being offered a lot of work and was able to choose which he would like to do.  There have been bumps along the way getting used to a different pay, different things we need to pay for… but he is SO much happier doing what he is doing now than he was working in his last job. A happy hubby is a huge part of having a happy family!

Another good thing that happened this year was that I passed my driving test!  Woohoo.  My 4th attempt.  I thought for sure that I failed, but the examiner turned to me and told me I’d passed and handed me my pass certificate.  I’ve never felt such relief and now I just need to spend some time driving by myself to get fully used to the freedom I’ve now got.  I also never have to do that awful test again!

There have been other good things happen this year… but those are two big things 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Best Thing To Happen This Year

  1. Louise says:

    So glad going self-employed has worked out well for your hubby. I got made redundant very unexpectedly just before Christmas a few years ago when the company I worked for went into liquidation and then I found out I was pregnant with Jessica a couple of weeks later. I went self-employed for a short time until she arrived which I really enjoyed and it also helped us adjust to having less income which eased my transition into being a full-time mummy so all worked out well in the end. Well done too for passing your driving test – great achievement! 🙂


  2. Anamika Sureka says:

    getting self employed and quitting a well to do job is such a big gamble… am glad that your hubby excelled as self employed :)


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