If I Won The Lottery

I have always thought about how it would be lovely to win just the right amount of money to cover a few things, set a little aside, have a little fun and be comfortable.  No more than that… I don’t need MILLIONS… A silly dream though considering that James and I don’t really play the lottery.  If I did ever happen to win an amount, I just wouldn’t need the entire jackpot.

I’d first of all like to win enough to pay off debts (mortgage, car payments, credit card), give an amount to various charities and then I would buy a 5 bedroom house with huge gardens (and hire someone to take care of said gardens!)… large enough to have all my future grandchildren to stay/ big family Christmases etc.  I’d also buy a lovely car, pay off some of my families debts, buy my boys and my brothers a car each and put enough away for a downpayment on both of my boys first homes or weddings or pay their university fees etc.  Also, a few holidays… need money put aside for those.

I’d like to start my own photography business in the future, so with some of the winnings I could buy a lot of new equipment… and I LOVE clothes shopping, so would have to fill my wardrobe with new clothes.

Ah, one can dream!

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