5 Favourite Movies

I’d find it very hard to roundup my 5 favourite movies EVER… because there are so many that I like and they probably change all the time.  I don’t think I have just one top favourite…. so many movies and so hard to choose just 5.  But here goes! In no particular order….

One  //  THE BLIND SIDE.  I cry every single time at this movie.  It’s wonderful and the thing that really chokes me up about it is that IT IS ALL TRUE!  It’s a proper true story.  I’m not even slightly interested in football but that plays such a small part in this.  Inspiring and heartwarming!

Two  //  SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE.  I can’t believe I only got around to watching this movie a few months ago, considering it’s been out forever!  Such a predictable and cliched romantic movie, but that’s what I like so…

Three  //  PULP FICTION.  James doesn’t understand why this makes my top movie list… It’s such a clever movie and I could watch it again and again.  It’s violent AND funny!

Four  //  NOW AND THEN.  Back in the day when Thora Birch and Christina Ricci were kids!  This movie isn’t AMAZING, but for some reason I love it and seem to have watched it more than a handful of times.  I love coming of age movies and while this is no masterpiece, it makes me smile.

Five  //  PITCH PERFECT.  I’ve seen this movie a few times and laughed equally hysterically each time.  It’s super funny and catchy with the soundtrack, but also I could watch Rebel Wilson ALL DAY.

As I say, this is not my top 5 movies ever list… this is just 5 of my favourite movies, the list which is ever changing and in no order at all.  Haha.

4 thoughts on “5 Favourite Movies

  1. Louise says:

    The only film I’ve seen on your list is Pulp Fiction – but I’ve only seen it once and that was as a teenager whilst getting drunk with friends so I can’t remember very much about it, only that I couldn’t get my head around it at all (possibly something to do with being a bit drunk!) – must try and watch it sober. Will have to check out some of the other films on your list too 🙂


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