15 Things That Make Me Happy…

Apart from the obvious… family and that… because we could easily fill a list with those people/ things.

I could write a list of 100s of things that make me happy, so it’s hard to choose just 15 of those… and they aren’t in any particular order!

1.  Food… of all descriptions… in large portion sizes… mainly shellfish or pasta or steak.
2.  Animals… mostly puppies!
3.  Walking on the beach.
4.  Seeing bands play live and being right close to the front.
5.  Being creative with the boys.
6.  Learning.
7.  Taking photos.
8.  Receiving packages in the mail.
9.  Peonies.
10.  Travelling… whether a roadtrip to somewhere or somewhere far away.
11.  Heart to heart conversations with my best friends.
12.  My birthday or Christmas… it’s a toss up between the two.
13.  Warm weather… hot weather… sunshine… cloudless skies.
14.  Good manners.
15.  Good nights sleep and a lie in to top it off!

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