Best Friends

I’m not one of the people on facebook, that has 100s upon 100s of friends… I’ve never had that many friends and I can count my CLOSE friends on less than two hands.  That’s not a bad thing though… I also don’t have just one best friend… I’ve a few.  I’m pretty lucky.  I guess I’m a quality over quantity kind of girl, I have less friends but the ones that I do have are even more important!

A couple of my best friends have been around for more than a decade (or two!).  One I’ve known since birth and one since high school.  One I’ve known since I was married, one I’ve known since Ollie was born and a couple I’ve known a lot more recently than that.

One best friend is mutually best friends with another of my best friends (how many time can I say best friends in one sentence right?) and I didn’t meet her until a couple of years ago.

I even have a best friend that I’ve never met in REAL LIFE.  We used to be penpals but life got in the way and we didn’t have time to write, so we started to facebook and skype instead and she is amazing!  I feel just as close to my faraway bestie as I do to my best friends that live right here.

Another best friend used to live here but moved away a couple years ago and I miss her insanely, but the funny thing about having a best friend live faraway is that even though you don’t see each other all the time or even talk all the time, you know each of you thinks about the other and when you do get the chance to catch up, it’s as though no time passed at all.

My friends are my world, second to my family and there isn’t one of my friends that I consider ‘best’, that I wouldn’t go to with a problem or with a triumph.

We also nearly all have children and (with the exception of BFFs who live faraway) the kids that belong to my BFFs just happen to be besties with my boys.  Like a whole new generation of best friends!  Isn’t that amazing?  I’m really lucky.

Oh, I also shouldn’t forget my mum.  She is my top BFF.

3 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Hannah says:

    Lovely post Emma! I have see real besties too and both live miles away! I wish I had a BFF nearby but that’s where hubby comes in I guess. Love that your boys have got best friends through you too!x


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