Living Arrows 30/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran

Ollie and Nate  //  We were lucky enough to enjoy not just a couple of days of good weather, but rather an whole week.  It was seriously wonderful.  The boys loved being able to play out in the sand all day and Ollie enjoyed having friends over to play in the garden.  They have a sand pit that has a lid that we use to put water in because our garden is not big (or flat) enough for a large paddling pool.  On Wednesday I made them a fort using a blanket that I pegged to the slide and we put blankets and pillows inside.  Marcie got a ton of use out of the shade also.  It eventually reached 27 degrees C which is pretty rare here in Ireland.  I’m not sure if we will get that sort of temperature again this summer but we are hoping.  The better weather really makes a huge improvement to everyone’s mood and the boys are much happier being able to play outside!

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2 thoughts on “Living Arrows 30/52

  1. Sarah says:

    This hot weather has been amazing hasn’t it?! Although, to be honest we could do with it being a bit cooler at night – trying to get a baby to sleep when it’s 27 degrees isn’t ideal!


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