Our Summer Bucket List

When Ollie’s school broke for summer, I thought that 9 weeks was going to be excruciatingly long… so many days to think of different things to keep both the boys occupied.  I was excited too to spend time with them both and not have to do the bus run… to enjoy the warm weather together and spend time as a family… but also I was worried they would get bored!  This summer is different from last summer because Nate was only 1 last year… he and Ollie didn’t really play a bunch together but this year is so different.  For the past almost 4 weeks, they have entertained each other.  We have had a ton of fun, been on some trips and enjoyed (this week) insanely wonderful weather.  4 weeks is easy to fill though.  But we have 5 more weeks to go until Ollie goes back to school.  We sat down together to make a list of the things he would still like to do and each day we are going to pick one or two.  Some are day trips, some will fill a weekend and some are small activities to fill the day.

//  Visit Glenariff Forest Park  //  Day trip to Newcastle  //  Have waterfights  //  Make our own ice lollies  //  Visit Belfast Zoo  //  Make a garden fort  //  Plant flowers or herbs  //  Have a tent sleepover at Grandma’s  //  Fly kite  //  Geocache  //  Climb trees  //  Visit Castle Espie  //  Helen’s Bay day trip  //  Take the train to Bangor for the day  //  Road trip to Dublin to see Grandpa  // Make lemonade  //  Treasure hunt  //  Visit Rathlin Island  //  Go to Streamvale farm  //  Feed ducks  //  Pick fruit  //  Make cookies  //  Catch bugs  //  Make birdfeeder for the garden  //  Paint rocks  //  Wash daddy’s car  //  Picnics  //  Have a ‘yes’ day  //  Visit Carrick A Reed Rope Bridge  //  Find new parks  //  Go to farmers market  //  Play in the rain  //  Go crab fishing  //  Make pictures with collected seashells  //  Have a BBQ  //  Make banana splits  // Watch the sun rise  // Take photos  //  Make up a new game  //  Go mud-puddle splashing after rain  //  Freeze toys and let the boys excavate  // Blow bubbles  //  Evening walks  //

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