30 After 30!

When I was 28 I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30.  At the time, the list didn’t seem all that insanely ambitious… but having just checked, I only crossed off a very small fraction.

I learnt to shoot in manual mode on my camera (though I am still practicing!), I started yoga (but have not yet mastered the splits), I made some new friends, I ate lobster again (more than once!), I tried a new hairstyle and we paid off a credit card.

A couple of my goals are currently in progress… for instance, I am sitting my driving test in August and I hope that I pass it this time.  We are attending a music festival on Friday (missing the mark by just a couple of days!), James and I have plans to hike Slieve Donard and I’m halfway through losing a stone.

As I turn 30 today though, I’m ok with having not completed my list but I am excited to write a list of 30 more things I would like to do as I enter a new decade (I know, sounds weird right?) and some of them come from my old list.  This time I am taking the pressure off and not setting myself a deadline/ time limit… and if I change my mind about completing one or all them, then that’s ok.  It’s my list! 🙂

So without further ado… presenting my 30 AFTER 30 list.

  1. Karaoke.  Nobody hears me sing.  So I’d love to step out of my comfort zone just once.
  2. Buy a KitchenAid mixer.  Fancy schmancy kitchen appliance… grown up or what?
  3. Let go of grudges…
  4. Complete my BA (Honours) in English Literature and Language.  Starting in October!
  5. Run a 5K.  This is happening in August!!!!  DONE.
  6. Travel!
  7. Attend a blog conference.
  8. Learn how to cook something fancy.
  9. Pay it forward.
  10. Read the news!  I need to be more aware of important situations in the world!
  11. Make a garden!!!!  Current garden is totally crap haha!
  12. Let go of broken friendships.  DONE.
  13. Spend more time nurturing quality friendships.
  14. Create and not touch an emergency fund.
  15. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant.
  16. Geocache.  We need to do this as a family.
  17. Establish my photography business.
  18. Write our will.
  19. Try raw sushi.
  20. Have a regular exercise routine.
  21. Drink more water.  People who say water doesn’t have a taste are lying!!!
  22. Redecorate…
  23. …and declutter.
  24. Learn a new language.  Maybe german!
  25. Take a salsa class.
  26. Own gorgeous lingerie.  How fun to have ONLY pretty underwear rather than functional.
  27. Say yes more often, especially to the kids.
  28. Complete another project 365.
  29. Give blood.
  30. Do volunteer work.

One thought on “30 After 30!

  1. Sarah Burke says:

    Kitchenaid mixers rock! They’re scarily expensive at the time but definitely pay for themselves, so easy to make pavlovas, meringues and blondies! Also I’ll help you with your will if you want to tick one of your list quickly! Happy birthday, I’m almost 40 (yikes!) so being 30 seems very young to me!


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