Why I’m OK With Turning 30

Tomorrow is the day I turn 30.  I will wake tomorrow as Emma v3.0.  In my head I am expecting to wake and feel entirely different but of course I won’t.  I’ll wake in the same bed and I’ll still feel like I’ve not slept enough (despite getting 7 hours probably)… my kids will jump on me the same and I will enjoy our morning cuddle time the same as I do every day.

I don’t think 30 is old… but it feels old for me.  Mentally I still feel like I’m about to turn 20… though when I was 20 I thought 30 was pretty old compared.

That’s ok though.  I think.  To feel a lot younger than you are.

I’ve completed an approximate 1/3 of my life.  That’s a little scary but also I look back at my 30 years and realise how much I have accomplished and I am so dang proud of myself… if my next 30 years and the 30 or so years after that are in any way as successful then I’ll have lived my life well!

I’m so good with where I am in life although it’s crazy to think it has only taken 10 years to get here… husband, house, kids… there is nowhere that I would rather be.

Do I have to wake up tomorrow and suddenly have it all figured out?  Nope.  And I’m not going to.  I’m so much more relaxed now, as an almost 30 year old, than I was in my twenties… I don’t care so much about strict routines… about what others think… or about unchecked boxes on my to-do list.  I’m still a worrier of course.  But more relaxed.  I’ve given up worrying about unimportant things or things that I cannot change.

Turning 30 isn’t something I can change… so I’m embracing it and all that it has to offer.  I’m even a little more excited than I am apprehensive!

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