Ollie’s School Sports Day

So the Monday before Ollie finished up for summer break, his school had sports day.  They have it each year right before break and the whole school takes part.  They are divided up into colour teams which consist of people from all the junior age groups.

Ollie had been talking to me about the practice they had been doing at school and he was so excited to take part.

He isn’t very fast or very sporty… but he was the kid that I saw there, that mostly came last but had the HUGEST smile on his face.  More important than coming first was seeing that his Grandma and I were there watching.  He kept calling over to us and posing for the camera.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and the turn out from parents was brilliant.  I love how they do it at Ollie’s school.  Everyone is part of a team and nobody takes part individually… the races are all as teams.

Later on in the morning when it came to the relay race, Ollie got confused as to which team he was on and ended up running back and joining a different team.  Nobody in either team noticed… least of all Ollie and his ‘new’ teammates all cheered him on as if he had been on their team the whole time.  It was pretty funny.

So proud of his unwavering determination!  That’s my kid!!

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