Ten Things I Hope To Accomplish This Summer

{1}  Teach Ollie to swim and get Nate used to the water.

Last summer my mum got Ollie some swimming lessons for his birthday and he really enjoyed his one week crash course.  We haven’t been swimming a lot but I’d like to change that.  Nate’s very uncomfortable around water, even in the bath he would rather sit on his hunkers than on his butt.  I’d like to get Ollie swimming properly and show Nate that water isn’t scary.

{2} Pass my driving test.

Last summer I took my driving test unsuccessfully 3 times.  On the 3rd attempt/ fail, I promptly gave up and decided driving was not something I wanted to do.  Roll on this summer and I’ve been taking lessons since February.  I NEED to get my test.  I need to have the use of our car.  I so badly need that independence.  My test is booked.  For my 4th attempt.  But it is top secret as to when the test takes place.  Even James won’t know that I am doing it.

{3} Tick some things of our house to-do list.

I’m not being overly ambitious and instead of trying to cross everything off, I’d just like to complete a couple of things… to know we are getting somewhere with the house!  The list is pretty long.

{4} Get fit.

I’m going to be 30 in a couple of weeks.  It’s all downhill from here haha so I need to be accountable for my health and whip my body into some shape or other.  I’ve started running and am going with the C25K workout plan… combine that with yoga and I should be fit come September right?  I’ve also registered to take part in The Color Run Belfast in August.  Insanely excited about that!

{5} Travel.

This goal will be so much more easily attained if I pass my driving test.  We aren’t going abroad this summer so I’d love to see more of this little island that we live on.  We should just close our eyes and point to somewhere on the map of Ireland and GO.  Why not?

{6} Make a summer bucket list with the boys.

We need to make a list of everything we would like to do together this summer… zoo, farm, Bangor day trip, go camping, go geocaching etc…. 

{7} Spend time outside EVERY day.

The weather here in Northern Ireland is so unpredictable.  Our summers often leave a lot to be desired weather wise, it rains a lot… but we don’t melt in the rain.  The boys are at home together for the next 8 weeks and they are full of energy, I need to get them outside every day to burn off some of that… but also because being outside is just good for you.  So come rain or shine, you will find us walking Marcie, rambling in the forest or at the playpark.

{8} Get into a routine.

Since the start of this year, I’ve been in a funk routine wise.  I have no idea why… but with Ollie off school for the next 2 months and with a lot of time on my hands, I figure now is a good time to get a proper routine in place for me and for the family.

{9} Do what the boys want to do.

Every day I have housework to do… and two little boys who would much rather I do something else with them.  I’m going to make more of an effort to keep on top of my chores better so that I can say yes to the boys more.  I want to do whatever they choose and spend more time on their level playing PROPERLY.

{10} Work on my blog.

Self explanatory haha.  I’ve neglected my blog quite a lot the past few months.  With more time on my hands this summer, I want to get it back up to scratch.

7 thoughts on “Ten Things I Hope To Accomplish This Summer

  1. Crissy Page says:

    Great list and good luck on that driving test! Once you get your license and get some time under your belt, it won’t be a big deal any more and you’ll be so happy to have that freedom, I love driving!


  2. Mama Kat says:

    Wow, that is quite a list! If I even accomplish half of that I’d say it was a successful summer! Those driving tests are so nerve racking, I failed drivers ed the first time I took it so don’t be too hard on yourself. It will happen! Northern Ireland is definitely on my travel list!!


  3. ~Merlinda~ says:

    I really wanted to be healthy too and not hide on baggy clothes. I will also try to get my son ready for his foundation year school this Septemeber by teaching him to wrote in lower caps and learn to do things by himself. Goodluck with your bucketlist =) #pocolo


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