Ollie’s 6th Birthday Party

This year we decided to have Ollie’s birthday party at a nearby swimming pool.  It has a separate kid’s paddling pool which is all enclosed off by itself and it can be hired out for birthday parties.  We invited 20-something kids and chaos ensued haha! (It might also be interesting to note that this pool has been here for A LONG time!  It is the same pool that I used to go to with school when I was only 4 or 5 years old… so it’s been there for at least 26 years haha!)

The pool was filled with foam toys, boats and floats and the kids had a blast.  They all played nice, some boisterous… but more important than that, in a party of 25 kids, nobody got hurt haha!  I don’t know why that surprised me.  I guess because I’ve never hosted a party of that size.

So the kids played in the paddling pool and towards the end of their session, my mum, brother and I went to the function room to get the table and the food ready for the kids getting out of the pool.  We had sandwiches, sausages, sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, crisps, cookies, brownies and krispie buns.

The table was full to the brim with happy kids complete with wet hair.  Everybody filled their plates and Ollie sat at the head of the table so he could see everyone.  He had requested a monster cake for his party and I did my best to give him that.  He grinned when he saw it.

I loved walking into the room with his cake and his 6 candles lit and I loved when everyone sang happy birthday to my boy.  He has such lovely friends and so many people that love him.

There was just enough cake to go around the 25 kids and all the adults that came too and there were a few too many kids who requested an eyeball… the cake monster only had three which was unfortunate!

…there’s Nate getting fully stuck in!

When everyone had eaten their cake and getting restless, it was near enough time to finish up anyway, so Ollie pulled up a chair and climbed onto it and then my heart almost exploded as he stood confidently and thanked everyone for coming and for all the lovely presents they brought. He then handed out a party treat bag to each of his guests.

When we got home, Nate went straight to bed.  The whole party completely exhausted him… Ollie still had some beans so he sat and opened all his presents completely in awe of the things he had received.  What a very very lucky boy.  I’m also glad that each of my boys only have one birthday a year, because putting on a party is a ton of work!  I’m grateful to everyone who helped out!! 🙂

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