Ollie’s 6th Birthday!

Oh my, how time flies.  I can’t believe we have had Ollie for a whole 6 years now.  The day to day is so busy and my kids grow so fast, I sometimes wish I could stop time just for a few minutes to catch my breath and really take them in.  We celebrated his birthday with lots of family and friends last week.

It all started on Wednesday night, the night before his birthday, when we had Grandma, Grandpa Harry, Uncle Jason and Uncle Ryan over for dinner with us.  I made a huge pot of pesto pasta with bacon and green beans (Ollie’s favourite) and garlic bread and Ollie opened some presents… including money in cards (he had asked for money to put save towards an ipod) and a robber costume which he has wanted for a long time.

…and then we had cake.

When mum and Harry and everyone had left, James and I got stuck into getting the presents ready for the morning.  James built the Playmobil police station and I decorated with balloons and wrote him his birthday blog post.  I nipped upstairs to take a photo of him sleeping… his last night as a 5 year old.

Unfortunately Ollie has had a bad cough that wakes him in the night recently and on the morning of his birthday, this cough woke him at 3am… and then he was too excited to get back to sleep! After settling him back in bed at 3am, noise from downstairs woke me at 4.30am… and I went to investigate.  There I found him playing with his new Playmobil police station with a big grin on his face.  I had to put him to bed again.  Because he had been up in the middle of the night, we were all tired and slept in, so there was no time for him to open his presents before school.

This was the first thing on his mind as soon as he got home though… and then he had to wait for Daddy to get home from work an hour later!  It was great that James was able to finish work early.

He opened his gifts at super-speed… it took probably less than 10 minutes and he loved them all, though his new pyjamas were probably his least exciting.  He got Adventure Time figures, Minecraft Figures, Minecraft Lego, new crayons, the Playmobil police station and The Lego Movie PS3 game.  Lucky boy.

We went out for his birthday dinner to Sakura for sushi and mocktails and Nanny came with us too.  He got a couple of plates of the sushi train, that he shared with Nate, the boys each had a Shirley Temple and then they shared a chicken fried rice dish.  It was delicious and after he had eaten, Ollie put his new Minecraft figure on the sushi train and waited for him to come back around.

After dinner, Nanny came to our house to hang out until bedtime and the boys played with the police station together.

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