Ollie, You’re 6 Today!

Dear Ollie,

Today you’ve turned 6!  Can you believe it?  You’ve been so excited for today… being the youngest (but by far one of the most confident and lively) in your year at school has had you waiting for this day since the start of P2 and now it is here.  I know I say it every year, but this year has gone SO fast… you’ve grown and changed so much!

We are SO proud of you, of who you are and all that you’ve achieved in your life so far.  You’re strong willed, inquisitive, excited about everything and you are SO clever.  You’re doing really well in school… you’ve learnt how to read wonderfully in the last year and today you showed us how you can count doubles… 30+30=60, 50+50=100… we are amazed!!  You got your dad’s brains for sure!  I was never good at maths!  You love school and you’ve some wonderful friends, but you’ve already felt the brunt of peer pressure (in the form of trying to run away from school!!) and bullying (in the form of P3s picking on you)… but still you love school and you come home everyday with something new that you have learnt and stories to tell.

You’re imagination is second to none.  I don’t know if I’ve written that in past years, but it’s true. Your teacher, Mrs. Salmon even said so!  She loves to read the stories you write and loves to hear your show and tells as much as you love to do them and I never have enough of your stories at home too.

Nate adores you and thinks you’re an awesome big brother and you are still working on your patience with him.  Other times, you guys love hanging out and Nate loves playing big kid games with you… like cops and robbers and that funny thing you do on the sofa.  You guys play better each day, the older you both get and it’s the most amazing thing.

Things that you currently love include: Police, robbers, lego, Adventure Time, Minecraft, riding your bike, jumping off everything, you love breakfast cereal… all day, you love pesto pasta and pizza and you even eat salad now.  I think you want to be a Policeman when you are older… your best friend is Max and when I asked you what you think you’re good at you told me “jumping down the stairs”.

You really are a sweetheart Ollie and I love your affectionate little soul with my whole heart and more.  Have a wonderful day today honey-bun. 

Love, Mummy.


9 thoughts on “Ollie, You’re 6 Today!

  1. Zena's Suitcase says:

    This is such a lovely letter, it sounds like he’s doing brilliantly with school and everything. Love the pic too #binkylinky


  2. Vanessa Jane Holburn says:

    What a lovely read – it brings tears to my eyes. My youngest is 6 next week, she is really growing up! #binkylink


  3. my days ni says:

    This is a lovely post, and a great way for you to record all the little things that make life so special. Happy Birthday Ollie! #binkylinky


  4. Catriona Stephen says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂 such a lovely letter and a lovely picture 🙂 hope he’s enjoyed his day #binkylinky


  5. Twinmumanddad says:

    I’ve been writing similar letters for my girls. It’s great for them to read back on in years to come. Happy birthday!


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