The Training Wheels Are Off!

A huge milestone has been reached in our home… Ollie has learned to ride his bike without stabilisers.  This was the second attempt at having him try without his training wheels, but this time he decided to do it himself after seeing a friend ride on just two wheels.  He became adamant that he wanted to learn before he turned 6 (in just a few weeks!).  His previous attempt didn’t go well, I think the whole balance thing just has to click.  This time it clicked!!

He went out with James on the Saturday and in less than an hour he was home telling me he could do it!!!  He was still a little wobbly because he was finding the ‘push off’ a little hard to master but by Easter Monday he was riding like a pro.  He brought his bike with him to the church BBQ and he LOVED showing off.  Everyone made a huge deal about how brilliant he was to ride without his stabilisers and he soaked up every ounce of the attention.  It really built his confidence.

Now, his bike…. it’s pretty annoying because it has a police siren on it.  When we bought the bike we had no idea quite how loud it would be and I am dreaming of the day that the batteries run out.

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