Easter 2014

The boys woke on Easter Sunday to a bag each stuffed full of treats… a new shirt each and multiple eggs!  Normally their Easter baskets are full of chocolate, but this year I decided to put in a couple of treats and a little less chocolate than normal.

They were so excited that they couldn’t wait to come downstairs.  I cruelly made them wait until we were all washed and dressed.

Inside their sacks they found Easter marshmallows on a stick, a book, a small lego set, bubbles, Cadbury mousse eggs, a Kinder egg, an egg box of Smartie filled eggs and a random assortment of plastic eggs filled with chocolate bunnies, popping candy eggs from The Co Op and little fluffy chicks.

Eggs were everywhere…

…and it didn’t take long for them to start unwrapping chocolates, one by one.

After our chocolate breakfast we all got ready for the day.  My dad had stayed over the night before and suggested we go on a road trip to Kilkeel.  My dad is part of a fishery up there and the guy that owns the fishery also owns a hatchery where they breed thousands of baby salmon. It just so happened that Easter Sunday was the day they’d be releasing the baby salmon into the river and we wanted to check it out.

Unfortunately, Nate got super travel sick on the way.  The scenic route was not something that agreed with Nate’s chocolate full belly and he PUKED.  We stopped, cleaned him up and took off all his vomit soaked clothes, got back in the car and set of again.  Just a short while later he puked again.  I was sure there couldn’t be anything else in his belly.  He doesn’t do well with long journeys and this journey was through mountains.  He ended up wearing James’ tshirt because we had no spare clothes.

The salmon hatchery was fascinating!!  Tiny little salmon were in the tanks and were just 5 weeks old.  Thousands of them!  The guys gathered all the babies into big tubs and we set off up the road to release them into the river.

The river walk itself was lovely… Nate didn’t mind wearing a Batman tshirt that looked like a dress on him and Ollie loved helping out the grown ups and loved releasing his very own small bucket of baby salmon.  To his surprise, he kept finding chocolate eggs along the way (planted by my dad, myself and James).  He thought it was hilarious.

After a lovely walk along the river in the sunshine, we got in the car and headed home… we remained on tenter hooks the whole journey, fearing that Nate might puke some more, but he didn’t.

We got changed and headed to Il Pirata in Ballyhackamore for an Easter Sunday lunch.  It was lovely to spend time with my dad because we don’t get to see him a ton.  He lives far away.  It was lovely also to see my brother Ryan and the boys were so well behaved for the meal.

It was such a lovely way to spend an Easter Sunday.

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