Chicken Pox-plosion

I know that it’s been a little quiet around here recently.  That is because we’ve have the pleasure of finding out what it’s like for an almost 6 year old and a 2 year old to get chicken pox together.

Our chicken pox story began last Monday, when Ollie came home from school with a spot.  Just one.  He is prone to the odd bout of hives etc when he gets too warm so I thought nothing of it.  Roll on Tuesday morning when I ask him to take his pyjamas off to get ready for school.  SPOTS!  LOTS!  Within ten minutes the number of spots had almost doubled… it was insanely quick and they weren’t just spots but blisters too.  I told him then that he wouldn’t be going to school and that in fact, he would be off for the whole week!  He thought this was brilliant!

Knowing what to expect, I thought it best we stock up on supplies so we went to the chemist to get a calamine cream and an antihistamine… we also got some treats.

Day two started with about a gazillion more spots… not exaggerating.  They were on his face, between his toes, his groin, his belly and his back and through his hair.  He is an age where it’s easier to explain what will help and for him to know now to scratch so much, but I know that whatever age someone is, a bad itch is bad!

Ollie had a friend come over to play on Tuesday… it was good to have someone come and take his mind off the itching… and funny that the person who was able to come and play was also the person that gave him the chicken pox!  They played outside for a while and this kept him cool and distracted.  While his friend was here, we noticed that Nate’s groin area just under his nappy had come out in a few blisters… I knew it wasn’t a rash because it wasn’t super red… just blistered.

Roll on a few more days and we are at Sunday… chicken pox day 7 for Ollie and day 6 for Nate…

Ollie is able to return to school tomorrow because his have crusted over now.  He hasn’t needed an anti-histamine for a few days now and his sleep hasn’t been entirely broken.  His spots aren’t so bad and I think they will clear up just fine.  I’m so proud of how he dealt with the last week… it hasn’t been easy.  It’s been uncomfortable and kind of boring for him and he missed his school friends, but he has been a trooper.

Nate’s dose of chicken pox came on a lot worse than Ollie’s did and I don’t know if that has anything to do with age or overall health or anything… but if I had to sum it up in one word, Nate’s has been horrendous.  His entire nappy area broke out in too many blisters to count. Proper liquid filled blisters in his creases… all over his butt, his unmentionables… the poor thing really suffered.  He had a bad dose of them on his back and belly and all over his fair and head, but none of those even bothered him.  The ones in his nappy were unimaginable and they got so bad that we took him to the Dr. because they didn’t seem to be getting any better.  A few more creams to try and today they seem to finally be on the way out… although he is still walking like a sumo wrestler.  We haven’t slept properly in 4 nights because he has been so upset and hasn’t know what to do with himself.  I am daydreaming of a night with 7 hours unbroken sleep!!

Since Wednesday, my littlest dude hasn’t had a nappy one except for portions of the night and today when we went out for a couple of hours.  We have been unexpectedly potty training and for something so unplanned, I can’t believe how well it is going.  He tells me when he wants to go to the toilet or use the potty and at times has gone to get the potty himself.  I think we are going to continue because if he can grasp it so well with all THIS going on, then I figure he will get the hang of it really quick when things settle down.  I bought him big boy underwear today and he is excited.

So… things I learnt from this experience…

1. Oat baths work, but are weird…
2. Bicarbonate of soda baths are also excellent.
3. Sleep is for the weak… and I can manage on just 4 hours worth!
4. You can’t tell a 2 year old not to scratch.
5. Mummy cuddles can make everything ok, for a few minutes.

Hopefully now that they have both had it once, they don’t get it again.

One thought on “Chicken Pox-plosion

  1. Shay Noble says:

    I hope they’re feeling better now, chickenpox is horrible at any age. My eldest had it at 7 months and she was much the same as Nate, her entire nappy area became red and blistered all over. It’s horrible for them, fingers crossed the worst is over and they’re all better very soon 🙂


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