Do you get that feeling… where you are sure you’ve been nothing but busy, because you’ve felt overwhelmed and pulled in all directions, but when you sit down to write a post of what you’ve been up to… nothing comes to mind?  That’s why a Twitter feed is priceless.  It helps me remember what I did in a month haha!  That and Instagram!

So yep, lots has been happening here. 

I’ve been driving lots.  I’m feeling so much more confident and I am hoping that for my test, it will be 4th time lucky.  The test IS really hard to pass here, most people take more than one go… but I feel dumb nonetheless.  I am so looking forward to the freedom having my licence will bring. I’ll be able to take the boys to the beach in the summer!

Ollie made his Beavers promise.  He is done with Squirrels and has moved up a level in his Scouting career.  The new blue sweatshirt looks great and since making his promise he has earned a badge for taking part in a 5km sponsored walk.  He raised £110 altogether!!!!!!!

The boys went to a birthday party at Ards Swimming Pool and while they we thought it was so great, we decided to book Ollie’s party there in June.  He is so excited…. we have use of the pool, the function room with a kitchen and Ollie is allowed to invite up to 30 friends!  It’s going to be great.  I can’t believe he is going to be 6 so soon… he wants a Playmobil Police Station from us.  Also, he seems to be the only almost 6 year old to not have lost a single tooth.  He comes and checks with me often, I give them a wiggle and it’s always a no.

Nate is coming on leaps and bounds with regards to independence.  He wants to do everything himself which is awesome, but not so awesome when he has a melt down because I need him to get into his pram… he just wants to walk everywhere himself and sometimes that isn’t practical.  He is trying so so hard to talk, but I’m a little worried about his speech.  He tries SO HARD.  He goes to a Creche on Tuesday morning and they have put in a referral for a speech therapist to come out and play with him in a couple of Tuesdays just to see where he is at and what we can do next.  Although he doesn’t have certain words, he knows how to make you understand what he wants.  He is incredible.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Ollie and Nate came in and we had cuddles and they gave me presents which consisted of a huge tub of pic n’ mix sweets and top that Ollie chose. They also had a ton of handmade cards and pictures and Ollie had a handmade flower for me too.  The boys and I then set off for church and during the service the kids all got up at the front to sing a song for the mamas and then they brought each of us a flower!!  It was so lovely.  We had a duvet day for the rest of Sunday, snuggled on the sofa and watched Matilda.  James picked up takeout for dinner, but not just any takeout…. Big Als from Stranmillis: Ribs, wings and chilli cheese fries.  Actually AMAZING.

Oh and I’m going to see The Killers and Bastille in August!!!!  My dad got tickets for me and him for my 30th birthday in July and we are currently having a lot of work done on our home!

5 thoughts on “Recently…

  1. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy says:

    Our speech therapist for JJ has really been a godsend! We’ve started learning a few basic language words so that we can have better communication with him. So far so good. So, I’m keeping my fingers cross that everything will go smoothly for Nate!


  2. Deborah Patrick says:

    Your photos are so lovely and man are your little boys cute!! The fact that you are going to see the luscious Brandon Flowers on stage, makes me a little envious swoon lol


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