Currently (April)

THINKING  //  Spring has started… officially, since the clocks went forward at the weekend.  It’s as though a switch was flicked… suddenly the temperature is up, the sun is shining and wearing a coat makes me too warm!  I would do well living somewhere warm.  I LOVE the heat… so springtime is a start.  Winter is gone and warmer days are on their way.  I love being able to spend so much time outside, I love being able to go out without a coat… I love being able to wear cute shoes instead of winter boots… I love it all.  That’s what I’m thinking about.  I’m thinking about how much prettier the world looks when the sky is blue and how it changes your mood to be in the warm air.  The sunshine makes me happy.  SO happy.

READING  //  I’ve been reading an article over on Marc and Angel Hack Life.  Seriously I’ve read it more than a couple of times and it’s all common sense but so important and one of the things that has resonated with me is the first one.  It’s very applicable in my life at the moment, but all of the points are good.

LISTENING TO  //  The new Manchester Orchestra album – Cope.  It’s awesome and has a few really great songs on it like Top Notch and Choose You.

WATCHING  //  James and I have been really into Lilyhammer on Netflix.  It’s quite awesome.  It is about a New York mob boss who is exiled to Norway for witness protection.  It’s funny and not too heavy.

THANKFUL FOR  //  The good weather, amazing kids, a hardworking hubby and I am thankful that our house is coming together…. finally.

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