Living Arrows 10/52 & 11/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran


Ollie  //  Ah this boy.  After a few days off school, Ollie was in on Thursday and Friday.  When he came home, he went straight for… wait for it… his Lego. Of course.  This kid plays with Lego  His Lego play always takes on his current phase and fascination and right now that fascination is cops and robbers.  He LOVES it.  Also, James and I much prefer it to his previous graveyards phase.  He makes up the most wonderful stories and scenes and he loves showing us the story he has dreamed up.

Nate  //  On Friday, Nate had his very first proper playdate.  A playdate that wasn’t a result of Ollie having friends over, and Nate just following them around/ hanging out with them.  This time a friend was coming to play with JUST him… and boy was he excited!  He ran around shouting for Mia and kept looking out the window.  I told him to get his toys ready for Mia coming and so he started setting up all his Playmobil 123!  The playdate went really really well and we can’t wait to have Mia over again soon!


Ollie  //  Our picnic and ramble in Belvoir Forest was a great success.  James led us to a cool meadow in the middle of the forest which normally has cows.  We found the field empty today though and it had a fallen tree that people had carved pictures into and a river running beside it.  It was perfect for our picnic.  The boys tried climbing the fallen tree and we ate beside it.  Tuna mayo sandwiches.  Sometimes you really hit the nail on the head with an otherwise fussy Ollie and tuna sandwiches were a winner!

Nate  //  The ramble in the forest was such a hit with littlest.  He was super happy to be on his feet wandering around, without the pram.  He explored to his hearts content… picked at dried leaves, collected sticks, climbed and sometimes stopped, put his hand to his ear and looked off to the distance listening to the noises!  Anytime he noticed a muddy area, he was there straight away trying to jump in it.  Unfortunately for Nate, it’s been dry for a couple of days and the mud wasn’t as muddy as he had hoped.  The profile of Nate in that bottom picture?  Adorable.

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