How We Celebrated Valentine’s Day 2014 (in pictures)

I’m not all that soppy and James isn’t all that romantic… at least not stereotypically… but when Valentine’s Day comes around I like to make a point of letting the 3 main men in my life know that I love them very much.

Ollie went off to school with a new red tshirt on… one that he chose himself in Next.  They had to wear red and take in a donation for charity.  He was so excited to go in with the cards he had made for his friends and his teacher.

While he was at school, I sorted out some treats for the two boys.  I bought them each a magazine, a chocolate cupcake, little heart chocolates, a heart lolly and I made them each a Valentine’s card.  I was so excited to surprise them when Ollie got home from school and Nate woke from his nap.

They LOVED their surprise and Ollie told me I would be his love heart forever.  He also told me that he loved love day.  It was so funny because he kept calling it ‘Fathertimes’ day…

I surprised James with a bottle of red wine and a box of 12 from Doughzy Donuts and we had a lovely steak dinner together once the boys went to bed.  James isn’t big into cards but he wrote me a super romantic email which means a lot to me.  I loved it.  I love having the best 3 guys.

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