Living Arrows 7/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” Kahlil Gibran

Ollie //  Today was so lovely.  Ollie is off school on half-term but Nate’s creche days still stood… so we all went together and dropped him off this morning for the couple of hours… and Ollie and I dandered back home slowly… we got lunch from the chippy on the way and we talked and held hands.  When we got home we just relaxed together and talked some more.  It was proper quality time!

Nate //  After Ollie and I spent a lovely couple of hours together, we had to walk back to creche to get Nate.  He was so happy when we both walked in to get him, he dropped what he was playing with and ran to us!  He didn’t get in his pram the whole way back… in fact, he walked the entire way home without fuss.  He picked up stones and sticks and chased Ollie down the hill.  It took us a lot longer than normal to get home, but there was something so soothing in the fact that we were not in a hurry anywhere and the boys could take in what was around them as they walked.  We just had a lot of fun.

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One thought on “Living Arrows 7/52

  1. Cachoo Joo says:

    Awww it’s little moments like that that are really nice to have once and awhile aren’t they! I know I still love spending time with my mom grabbing lunch, catching up, it really does mean a lot 🙂 Same with spending time with my sister, it’s definitely nice having a sibling who’s close in age! 🙂


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