Biggest Is Brilliant!

On Thursday I had a Parent and Teacher meeting with Ollie’s teacher at school.  I’ve never felt prouder of my biggest boy.  

He is now halfway through his second year of Primary School and is apparently very popular, friends with everyone and has wonderful leadership qualities.  

I sat there, waiting, not negatively… but guarded, preparing for her to say something not quite as wonderful (I think he is great, but I worry about how he gets on when I’m not there)… and the “but” never came.  She had only good things to say about him.  

She commented on his confidence and his huge personality… his love for construction toys and his imagination that goes along with that and his stories… she said he loves talking at the front of the class for show and tell and loves his chance to talk in circle time.  Academically, he is coming on leaps and bounds and is showing a strength for maths and his spelling and reading are great… 

The one thing she said he could work on is keeping the chat to a minimum, but even that isn’t a bad thing… he is very inquisitive and has so much to say, that when told to keep quiet you can literally SEE the chat bubbling up inside him, about to spill over!

I was worried previously, about a number of different things, but these niggles were put to rest and I came away with huge confidence and pride in my son and huge confidence in his school.

He is a clever cookie!  He beamed when I got back to the car and told him that his teacher had nothing bad to say about him and that she really enjoys having him in her class… for the good report I let him choose whatever he wanted for dinner and he chose boiled egg and soldiers.

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