Nate’s Birthday, a Catch Up Post!

So my littlest is no longer super little… he actually turned 2 almost a month ago and it has taken until now to write up the post and share his photos!

My littlest and last, little one, turned 2 on 18th January… bringing about a stark realisation that there are no more babies here… and there never will be.  I miss the baby days for a mere second, before I have to run off and attend to whatever chaos/ mischief my growing boys are getting into… and then I don’t miss the baby days anymore because the boys are both as SUCH fun ages.

This year, his birthday came so fast after Christmas that it pained me to sit and wrap things again haha!  I loved choosing the toys though, each year, toys get more exciting for kids as they get older and this year was no different… I wrapped a Playmobil Recycling Truck, a Bruder tractor, a Magnadoodle and there was also an Imaginext Batcave!

Ollie ‘helped’ him unwrap (and by help, I mean he kind of got stuck in tearing the corners of each parcel haha) and I think it was hard for him to not be the birthday boy while Nate got a ton of gifts.

Luckily it was a Saturday so we were able to hang out all day together.  We got up to some fun!!

We had breakfast together, played with Nate’s toys for a little while and got ourselves ready for the day (dressed the boys in their new tops, Batman for Nate and Minecraft for Ollie.  We decided to go to KFC for a treat lunch because the boys love it and afterwards we headed to Funtastic, a cool soft play place near our house.  It’s relatively new and both boys had an awesome time.

When we got home, I got to work making dinner and a mini cake and also a HUGE cake for Nate’s party the next day.  I actually made the mini cake in error, because I just failed at making the first layer of the cake.  There was just enough to share between the boys and they thought it was cool which is all that matters.

On Sunday, we went to church, leaving James at home to clear up and get some things ready. People started to arrive at 4pm to celebrate my little man’s birthday.  I served up cheese and pineapple sticks, crackers and cheese, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, chips and dip and my mum made her legendary parsnip soup which we served with bread.  Also, the party was rocket themed.

Parties in ones home are so very busy!!  It went so fast and I don’t think I saw much of Nate at all haha.  Everyone had a lot of fun though, Ollie entertained the older guests upstairs in his room and Nate entertained the older guests downstairs by being insanely cute and opening presents!

Our house was literally jam packed.  It is celebrations like this that make me realise just how many people care about us and our little family… and I feel so so lucky!  The moment everyone sings Happy Birthday to my kid… because everyone is there for him, makes me feel like bursting into tears.  So much love.

Still can’t believe littlest is two.  The amount of things he has learnt since his birthday, the rate at which his vocabulary is increasing… crazy!  I am super proud.

One thought on “Nate’s Birthday, a Catch Up Post!

  1. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy says:

    Happy Belated 2nd Birthday to Nate! You did a great job on decorating the cakes. I’m good at baking them but I haven’t attempted to use fondant yet. I might give it a try for JJ’s upcoming 3rd birthday this May. Glad he had fun and the party was a success.


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