High Five Friday… Valentine’s Edition!

ONE // This year Ollie made wonderful little Valentines Day cards for some of his classmates and gave them out today.  He made one for his teacher and 8 others, for 4 boys and 4 girls… on which he wrote ‘Awesome Friend’ on the front and stuck little heart stickers on too.  Inside he put heart chocolates for the girls and some mini aero chocolates for the boys.  He was super excited to take them into school today and when he came home he told me that they made everyone happy.  I love that he got a good feeling from giving someone something handmade, and that they thanked him and grinned in return.

TWO // Ollie had to spend today at school and James had to spend it at work, but Ollie did give me a gorgeous card this morning AND a chocolate rose!  He was so proud of himself having kept it a secret for a whole day.  While Ollie was at school, Nate and I hung out and snuggled up… and then while Nate napped, I set the table with some treats for both boys including a card I made for each of them, a heart cupcake, heart chocolates and a heart chocolate lolly… I also bought them each a fun magazine.

THREE // I didn’t think James would want a heart lolly and a kids magazine, so instead I bought him a bottle of red wine to have with our nice dinner tonight (I don’t drink so I have nice juice instead) and a box of 12 donuts from Doughzy Donuts but rather than the normal box of 12, all different, I got a box of entirely salted caramel which are his favourite!  Awesome wife right here.

FOUR // Without realising this morning, I ended up wearing a jumper with hearts all over it. Totally not on purpose.  Favourite jumper though and so funny that it fitted the theme of the day.

FIVE // When Ollie came home, I made him wait for his surprises until Nate woke from his nap… when he did I opened the door to the dining room and they both went in and grinned haha! Ollie read both his and Nate’s cards aloud… entirely by himself.  They were so chuffed with their treats and I feel so lucky to have two such lovely little boys.

(When the kids go to bed tonight, James and I are having sirloin steaks and chips with pepper sauce and onion rings… yum!)

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