Five Little Things…

1 // Today was James’ last day at his job.  As of now he is self employed, going it alone… as a freelance software developer and architect.  It was a long time coming and I think this was the eventual career route for James… it just came about a little quicker than we had imagined.  That’s it… Monday he works for himself and I know he is excited, but both of us are a little nervous… normal I am sure!  

2 // I have an idea for a bit of a business myself.  It’s going to be lovely and it’s going to be fun, but I can’t say anymore than that just yet.  I love being able to put my creativity to use though…

3 // This post from Click It Up A Notch really touched a nerve with me this week and I think I will be following suit.  She writes about how this year she is going to be putting her camera down and enjoying a little more of the moments, living in the moment, rather than living through her lens.  Wise words 🙂

4 // This week Ollie moved from Squirrels, to Beavers.  The next step in his scout career.  He was apprehensive at first when we got there and he didn’t want to join in dodgeball because a lot of the kids were much bigger than he is… but he came around quickly and is excited to take part and earn badges and make friends.  I’m proud of him and the confidence he has.

5 // Spring is nearly here and I am excited!  I am in no way a fan of the cold or of the storms we have been getting lately… aside from the fact that because of the storms, I can hear a dripping in my roofspace!!  There are daffodils coming up and snowdrops too and I can’t wait to put the winter coat and boots away and get out my shorts and my Toms. 

5 thoughts on “Five Little Things…

  1. Elle says:

    Such fun pictures! I agree, sometimes ya have to put the camera down and just enjoy things in the moment. Our minds’ eye memories are as often better than pictures!Hope the new ventures go well!SITSblogging


  2. ebony g says:

    3 rang true for me. I am making every effort to put down my phone and camera and actually live in the moment. Easier said than done 🙂 I went out to eat and was astonished at how many people where looking at their phones or taking pics. No one was truly present in the experience. Stopping by from SITS girls


  3. Emma T says:

    Nice to see another UK bloggers taking part in the SITS girls comment challenge.I’m with you on the cold and rain, although we’re lucky to be higher up here, so not been impacted much by the wet, unlke some friends further south. Would be nice to get some sun again though. It’s great to see the snowdrops out; our daffs aren’t as high as I’ve seen some other people’s though. Just hoping the expected snow later this week and next doesn’t arrive to ruin my trip to see my best friend/godson.


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